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Dr advise eye floaters treatment homeopathy medicines

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Vitreous floaters are a common complaint in the ophthalmic clinics where patients seek explanation and advice regarding possible treatment options. Because the condition is considered benign or harmless, ophthalmologists have little to offer regarding treatment options. Homeopathy offers safe treatment options with no side effects from medicines of natural sources

Causes: eye floaters arise due to age-related changes that appear in vitreous inside the eyes. Other causes behind eye floaters include haemorrhage in the vitreous, posterior uveitis and tearing of retina.

Risk factors: Some factors including diabetes mellitus, injury to the eye and nearsightedness raise the risk of eye floaters. Eye floaters may also be a part of aura in cases of migraine.

Floaters are these “weirdly” shaped little particles that wiggle around as if in a viscous solution and caste shadows in our vision. Patients may also see geometric shapes, spirals, and cross hatch patterns of various colors that move and undulate, especially as on wallpaper.

Patients experiencing flashes and spots in their perceptive fields from eye floaters often resort to consulting an ophthalmologist for eye care treatment without finding an answer, mainly because these symptoms are not necessarily associated with pathology of the eye.

American Journal of Ophthalmology states that unlike optical illusions and visual hallucinations, floaters are entoptic phenomena casting a physical shadow upon the retina and their coloring likely arise from retinal dysfunction. Coloured floaters may be a more common visual phenomenon than realized.

Dr. Vikas Sharma says 'The homeopathic mode of treatment can help in effectively treating eye floaters. Before beginning a course of homeopathy to fix eye floaters, it is recommended that you visit an ophthalmologist to rule out the cause of eye floaters and any other critical conditions'

Homeopathy for Eye floaters treatment, what doctors advise?

Dr Kirti Vikram, a homeopath talks of eye floaters and its common medicines in his YouTube video titled " Eye Floaters! Homeopathic medicine for Eye Floaters?? Explain!!'

Kit 1 - Dr Kirti advise homeopathy remedies to disappear eye floaters

He recommends following homeopathic medicine for Eye floaters

  1. Lachesis 200, 2 drops in morning. For dimness of vision or flickering before the eyes that may be caused by eye floaters
  2. Ruta 30, 2 drops 2 times a day.  It is a highly valuable medicine to deal with certain eye related concerns. It is a leading medicine to manage cases of eyestrain (asthenopia). Pain in eyes when reading occurs. The eyes also get red and painful when reading, especially small print. Vision also gets blurred. Next there is burning sensation in eyes as from fire and lachrymation (excessive tearing from eyes). Headache from eye strain is best treated with this remedy.
  3. Physostigma Ven30 2 drops 2 times a day (refer below description)
  4. Senega Mother Tincture, 20 drops 3 times a day with some water. It is quite common to notice floaters much more frequently after cataract surgery, as the vision Is much clearer and the shadows can become darker as more light enters the eye. Senega is most reliable among medicines for a cataract that develops after surgery and causes flickering and double vision with eye floaters
  5. Cineraria Maritima eye drops without alcohol 2 drops 3 times a day. Cineraria Maritima is prescribed for traumatic, senile cataract and corneal opacities that exacerbates the problem of eye floaters

He says these medicines need to be taken for atleast 2 months or as advised by your doctor. 'yeh medicine aap ko kam se kam 2 months tak lena hai'

Kit 2 - Dr Rashmi advise eye floaters dissolve combination

Watch her YouTube video titled "क्या आपको भी दिखते हैं आँखों के सामने घूमते हुए काले धब्बे |Eye Floaters best homeopathic Treatment" to know more

She recommends

  • CIneraria 30 - it is a well known eye tonic and good for all eye complaints including eye floaters.
  • Physostigma 30 (calabar bean)- eye care medicines that works on deep rooted disorders. Useful for astigmatism, photophobia, myopia, eye flashes with eye floaters. Dr Vikas Sharma says Physostigma is a useful remedy for treating eye floaters in cases of myopia (short-sightedness). The person sees flashes of light before the eyes. Pain after using eyes is a prominent feature with floaters..
  • Arnica 30 (Leopard’s-Bane or Fallkraut) - Dr says eye floaters is common after eye injuries and this mediicne is indicated for such conditions. Flickering before the eyes, diplopia (double vision), a heaviness of the eyes along with a headache may be present
  • Euphrasia 30 - excellent for watering eye with burning sensation. Dr says this medicine is indicated for eye floaters after cold , coryza
  • Acid Phos 200 - for eye floaters after diseases especially Tyhphoid.  For body weakness from loss of body fluids. 

Related/Similar to eye floaters treatment 

Dry eyes or infections caused by it can exacerbate age-related changes occurring in the eye's vitreous gel and make eye floaters more prominent. Dr advise Dry Eyes Homeopathy Treatment Combinations

Eye floaters in serious cases may cause impaired vision with flashes of light  or vision marked by shadow streaks. Check Dr advise homeopathy medicines for Eye Vision Improvement

As per ophthalmologists, a correlation exists between the two eye conditions i.e., cataracts and eye floaters. Homeopathy ClearC for Cataract with Thiosinaminum, Calcarea Fluor, D2


Disclaimer: The medicines listed here are solely based on suggestion made by doctor on You Tube whose reference is provided. Homeomart does not provide any medical advise or prescriptions or suggest self medications. This is a part of customer education initiative. We suggest you consult your physician before taking any medicines 

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