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Homeopathic Urticaria Treatment - Natural Remedies for Skin Relief

Effective Homeopathic Remedies for Urticaria - The Right Remedy for Your Symptoms

Apis Melifica 1x/Q: Top choice for severe itching, burning, and stinging pain that worsens with warmth or Sun exposure. Effective for swelling and discomfort from insect bites, with notable heat sensitivity.

Urtica Urens 30: Useful when Apis Mel fails; similar symptoms but includes frequent urination. Particularly effective for seasonal urticaria and reactions to shellfish.

Astacus Fluviatilis 30: Recommended for both acute and chronic urticaria linked to liver issues. It treats body-wide itching, especially when exposed to air.

Rhus Toxicodendron 30: Addresses red, swollen skin that improves with heat. Symptoms worsen when uncovered, suitable for urticaria caused by wet conditions.

Dulcamara 30: Ideal for symptoms exacerbated by cold and dampness, and eases with warmth. Commonly triggered by dietary changes or weather conditions.

Natrum Muriaticum 30: Targets exercise-induced urticaria with intense itching and red, swollen eruptions, often worsened by joint flexing or sun exposure.

Sepia 30: Effective for urticaria from cool air exposure, with symptoms alleviated in warm environments. Itching persists despite scratching.

Bovista 30: Treats morning urticaria linked to water contact, often accompanied by diarrhea.

Sulphur 200: Best for heat-triggered urticaria with severe itching that worsens in the evening and from scratching. Useful after suppression by ointments.

Arsenic Album 30: Suitable for urticaria from shellfish consumption, marked by intense itching, burning, and frequent thirst.

Pulsatilla 30: Addresses gastric-related urticaria from rich foods, accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea.

Each of these remedies is tailored to specific types of urticaria, offering relief based on the unique triggers and symptoms experienced by the individual.

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Homeopathy treatment of Urticaria or Skin rashes, doctor recommended
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Urtica Urens Homeopathy Mother Tincture Q
Urtica Urens Homeopathy Mother Tincture Q
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