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Kids Ailments

No matter how careful parents are, children are bound to be mischievous and prone to injuries. They also are prone to the vagaries of climate and fall sick due to weather changes. Homeopathy provides effective relief for Illness in children that comes in various forms; cough, measles, worms, eczema, bug-bites and insect stings, nappy rash, indigestion, blisters, cellulites, conjunctivitis, food poisoning, head lice, ear infections, asthma etc. With homeopathy you do not fear the problem of antibiotic resistance  and lowering the young body's natural defense mechanism. Homeopathy also builds immunity in children naturally while maintaining their vitality and vigor.

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SBL Alfalfa Tonic Paediatric Effective growth supplement for growing children
Bakson Tonsil Aid (Paediatric ) Tablets
SBL Liv T Liver Tonic (Paediatric)
Bakson Kof Aid (Paediatric Pack for Children)
Allen Livosin Drops Growth promoter for growing babies & children
Bakson Gastro Aid Tablet (Paediatric)
Bakson Formula D (Paediatric) Tablets
Bakson Mig Aid (Paediatric) Tablets
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