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Wheezal WL 34 Stomach Drops, Belching and Dyspepsia

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About WL34 Homeopathy Stomach Drops

Wheezal WL 34 Stomach drops serve as a homeopathic spasmolytic and calming drop. Indicated for acidity, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite. Gastritis is caused by Infection, anti-inflammatory drugs, alcohol, etc., mostly characterized by nausea, vomiting, belching, bloating, early satiety, and loss of appetite.

Indications: Acidity, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite. Spasmolytic and Calming Drops

Other Indications

Cramps and Pains in the Abdomen, Belching

Flatulence, Distress in stomach.


Carbo Vegtabilis 3x, Chelidonium Majus 2x, Chamomilla 3x, Anacardium Orientale 3x, Gentiana Luteana 1x, Atropinum Sulph 3x, Lycopodium Clavatum 3x

Action of Individual Ingredients in WL34 drops

  • Chamomilla: Distended abdomen, Griping in region of navel, and pain in small of back. Flatulent colic.  Pressive pain in the stomach, as from a stone. 
  • Anacardium Ori: Weak digestion, with fullness and distention. Pain as if dull plug were pressed into intestines. Rumbling, pinching, and griping pains in abdomen. Nervous dyspepsia ( bloating, Belching, Nausea, Vomiting)
  • Gentiana Lutea:  Colic, umbilical region sensitive to touch, Flatulence.The chief symptoms noted in Gentian Lutea is on the alimentary sphere, ravenous hunger with diminished appetite. Dr Kirti recommends this medicine for appetite increase , improving digestion and checking constipation. 
  • Carbo veg: Eructations after eating and drinking. Temporary relief from belching. Crampy pains forcing patient to bend double. Distress comes on a half-hour after eating. Pain as from lifting a weight; colic from riding in a carriage, flatulent colic, Abdomen distended.
  • Chelidonium Maj:  Paralytic drawing and lameness, Pain through stomach to back and right shoulder-blade. Gastralgia. Constrictive pains across, as by a string.
  • Lycopodium: Dyspepsia due to farinaceous and fermentable food, cabbage, beans, etc. Pain shooting across lower abdomen from right to left.
  • Artopinum sulph: Nausea and retching with uneasiness of stomach, Deep pressure on region below stomach, to left, is very painful.


10 to 15 drops in 2 spoon of water 3 times a day before meal or as prescribed by the Physician.


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