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Schwabe Alpha MS Tablets, Vertigo, Motion sickness

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Homeopathic motion sickness treatment Homeopathy medicine Alpha MS is

  • Indicated for nausea/vomiting, especially motion sickness
  • Relieves nausea/vomiting, giddiness and motion sickness
  • Relieves vertigo and headache which are associated commonly with motion sickness
  • Also relieves abdominal colic and heartburn, if present

Motion Sickness

Motion sickness may occur as a result of sea, land, or air travel. Although the exact mechanism varies from person to person, it would seem that repetitive stimulation of the vestibular apparatus plays a large part; it is not possible to produce sickness in animals who have had their vestibular apparatus removed, nor are deaf mutes seasick. Susceptibility to motion sickness varies but is particularly common in migrainous subjects. The victim of motion sickness complains of feeling unwell with nausea, headache, and sometimes faintness. Finally, symptoms can become extremely severe and terminate in vomiting. These symptoms can affect social life and create problems at the place of work. The duration of the attack is variable and may last only a few hours, although in susceptible subjects it may be prolonged for several days.

Composition and mode of action of Alpha MS in treating travel/motion sickness

  • Cocculus indicus 4x 25 mg: Nausea, especially when riding or sitting up, Cramp, in stomach during and after meal.  Peripheral circulatory disturbances, general diathesis due to cramps in the smooth and striated muscles, nausea and motion sickness. Vertigo and nausea when riding, sick headache from carriage riding, nausea in cars & fast-moving vehicles.
  • Tabacum 6x 25 mg: It helps to relieve the nausea, giddiness, death-like pallor, vomiting, icy coldness, and sweat, with the intermittent pulse. Indicated for nausea, giddiness, pallor, vomiting, seasickness, prostration of the entire muscular system, vertigo, sick headache and vomiting on least motion. Pathogenesis covers migraine, neuralgias and gastrocardiac symptoms.
  • Ipecacuanha 6x 25 mg: It is of great use in persistent nausea and vomiting, Constant nausea and vomiting, with pale, twitching of face. Vomits food, bile, blood, mucus. Indicated for nausea and vomiting. This drug is well-suited for children and sensitive adults. The action of the drug on nerves, responsible for persistent nausea and vomiting, makes it useful as an ingredient for Alpha-MS.
  • Nux vomica 6x 25 mg: Nausea and vomiting, with much retching, Difficult belching of gas. Wants to vomit, but cannot. Weight and pain in stomach; worse, eating.  It is said to be the drug for many conditions incident to modern life. It has a calming effect on the digestive, portal and hypochondrial spheres. Headache, vertigo, nausea, vomiting abdominal colics and symptoms due to exertion, are covered by this medicine.
  • Petroleum 6x 25 mg: Nausea, with accumulation of water in mouth. Complaints aggravate when stomach is empty. Considered to be useful in irritations involving the central nervous system and brain stem. The drug is indicated for ailments from riding in cars, carriages, ships or air, fright and vexation. Noise is unbearable; heartburn and nausea are other accompanying symptoms.

Excipients Q.S. to make 250 mg

Direction of use of Alpha MS

Dosage: Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, at the beginning of the complaints, take 1 to 2 tablets hourly, and once the acute complaints start to subside, take 1 tablet every two hours. Children are to receive half of the adult dose.

In case of known motion sickness, Alpha -MS can be taken as a supportive measure. Start the medication three hours before a trip to be taken 1-2 tablets hourly. If complaints are not relieved, consult a specialist.

Side effects: No side effects of Alpha -MS are known.

Contra-indications: No contra-indications for the use of Alpha

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