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SBL Damiagra Forte drops 18% Off, Erectile dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation

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About SBL Damiagra Forte Drops

Newly Introduced Damiagra Forte Drops - To Improve Vigour and Vitality (Only for Males) is now available online

SBL Damiagra drops is composed of well balanced homeopathic ingredients like Damiana, Canadium seguinum, Agnus Castus, Lycopodium cluvatum, Selenium ect which help the patients with erectile dysfunction regain their lost confidence.

Damiagra is a best selling male potency restorative tonic from SBL. Sbl Damiagra is helpful in conditions of poor erectile power, premature ejaculation, lack of libido, depression, loss of confidence.

Damiagra is useful in conditions of

  • Poor erectile power
  • Lack of libido
  • Depression, loss of confidence
  • Premature ejaculation

SBL Damiagra Indications

Loss of erectile power, premature ejaculation, loss of libido, depression, loss of confidence.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common type of male dysfunction, it may cause stress, cause relationship problems or affect the self-confidence. The problem can affect any age group, but more common as men age. ED which is addressed by SBL Damiagra can arise due to stress, anxiety, relationship difficulties, depression or due to physical causes or some bodily ailment like diseases of nervous system which affects the nerves, high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking etc.

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Sbl Damiagra Drops is a composed of well balanced homeopathic ingredients which helps the patients with erectile dysfunction regain their lost confidence.

What homeopathic doctors recommend Damiagra forte drops for?

Dr Nikhil Sahu recommends damiagra forte drops. Impotency, premature ejaculation, night falls (swapnadosh), impotency due to sexual indulgence, erectile disfunction due to excessive masturbation

Dr Pooja Srivastava recommends Damiagra forte for sexual weakness in male due to emotional drain and physical exhaustion, loss of libido (manpower loss), thin watery semen (oligospermia)

Dr Kirti recommends Damiagra forte drops alongwith 6 other very important medicines (available now as Premature ejaculation Treatment Kit) to stop premature ejaculation problem (low timing, shigra pathan in hindi) in male

Damiagra Ingredients

Damiana Q, Lycopodium,clavatum 3x, Agnus castus Q, Caladium seguinum 3, Selenium 6, Yohimbinum Q,Acidum phosphoricum 3x

Mode of action of ingredients in of SBL Damiagra Forte Drops: Damiana: Acts as a natural aphrodisiac, arouses sexual desire and mood for coition. Strengthen genital regions (useful for old age conditions), Reverses sexual neurasthania (weakness), impotency (loss of manhood) Acid Phos: Useful for nervous weakness that leads to parts being relaxed during embrace, spermatorrhoea (uncontrolled loss of semen), night emissions and lack of libido Agnus castus:Has a specific action on parts/organ being cold and relaxed, desire gone. Scanty emission without ejaculation, gleety or quick discharge due to mental issues Caladium Seguinum: Well known for its beneficial effect in the sexual sphere (for sex drive). It pharmacological effects is recorded in male problems such as impotence, spermatorrhoea (loss of semen) , seminal weakness, nocturnal emissions. Yohimbinum: well known libido booster and male desire activator.

Sexual Health benefits of Homeopathic Damiagra drops 1.Provides natural performance boost with the power of herbs like Damiana, Agnus castus, Caladium etc. These contain pharmcodynamically active alkaloids, glucoside, carbonates of calcium and sodium that act as natural stimulants for sex drive 2. Counteracts bad effects of sexual over indulgence in an effective manner through effective pharmacological action of its ingredients. Therefore addresses low sperm count, involuntary leakage and depression 3. Key action is adaptogenic and tonic, it stimulates the sex hormones and gives you energy that you lack during the sexual intercourse

SBL Damiagra drops Price: Rs 330, Get 18% off for best price

Damiagra Forte Drops side effects - No contra indications or side effects indicated. However it is best advised to take this in consultation with your physician

Damiagra Forte reviews - this homeopathic medicine has got positive reviews on social media channels like You Tube

FAQ on SBL Damiagra Forte

What is Damiagra Forte used for?

SBL Damiagra Forte Dropis a homeopathic formulation to address your sexual weakness that may result in erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, premature ejaculation etc.  This patent drops helps to  overcome the lack of sexual power, premature ejaculation and loss of erection. It helps to increase the sexual vitality, and overcome mental depression and loss of nervous energy

How do you use Damiagra drops?

This is a oral homeopathic sexual weakness medicine intended for internal use only. The drops needs to be diluted in some water and taken as per dosage indicated.  It is best advised to take it on empty stomach, 30 minutes before food. 20 drops in a 1/4th cup of water 4 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

What is the difference between  Damiagra and Damiagra Forte?

Damiagra forte is a fortified medicine and latest offering from SBL. This is a newer version of Damiagra that has been discontinued. Damiagra forte is supposed to be a stronger and more potent than Damiagra for treating sexual weakness

Damiagra Forte vs R41

The main difference between Damiagra Forte vs R41 is the formulation, the former is Indian and latter is German offering. Damiagra forte and Reckeweg R41 both come in 30ml packing and the indications are the same. There is a slight difference in composition but confirm to homeopathic pharmacopoeia

Does Damiagra Forte increase testosterone?

No Damiagra forte is not indicated to increase your testosterone levels. This treats sexual neurasthenia only. To boost testosterone in homeopathy, check doctor recommended Testomax

Additional Information

Dosage Adults 15-20 drops of SBL Damiagra in 1/4th cup of water, 3-4 times daily.
Size 30 ml 
Manufacturer SBL Pvt. Ltd
Form Drops


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