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Homeopathy Nightfall Treatment, Swapnadosh Kit

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You can control nightfall or nocturnal emissions (also called wet dreams) with the right homeopathy medicines. Dr Kirti Vikram Singh has identified two homeopathy dilutions and a mixture of another two mother tinctures to address this problem effectively

Is nightfall normal? Yes. Normal nightfall could occur about once per month (0.23 times per week ) for 19-year-old married males to 0.15 times per week (about once every two months) for 50-year-old married males.

What causes excessive nightfall? Over production of Semen (seminal fluid), weakness of seminal vesicle due to excessive masturbation, diets that produce excessive sexual urges, avoiding sexual act for a longer duration of time, excessive porn habits and weakness of kidneys are some of the causes of abnormal nightfall

Swapnadosh Kit for nocturnal emissions is recommended by Dr.Kirti V Singh, watch his Youtube video "स्वप्नदोष | How to Stop Night Fall Permanently by Homeopathic medicine?"

Swapnadosh Kit Contents and Mode of action

  • Lycopodium 200
  • Cantharis 200
  • Lycopodium Q
  • Viola Tricolour Q

Lycopodium 200 - effective for nightfall with lascivious dreams. It also treats the weakness and debility resulting from night fall

Cantharis 200 - for nightfall with painful erections and strong sexual desire 

Lycopodium Q - is one of the top medicines for ED and Premature ejaculation. Treats loss of erectile power or feeble erection in young men with excessive indulgence i.e., excessive masturbation. 

Viola Tricolor Q is a very effective Homeopathic medicine for night fall with involuntary seminal emissions. Patient suffers vivid and amorous dreams mainly watching pornographic material. The person complains of disturbed sleep and wakes up frequently during the night

Dosage as recommended by Dr.Kirti (3 month course)

  1. Lycopodium 200 2 drops in night
  2. Cantharis 200 2 drops in morning
  3. Lycopodium Q + Viola Tricolour Q mixed in equal proportion use 20 drops 3 times a day with some Water

Note: Dr Kirti also recommends Nuphar Luteum mother tincture 20 drops three times a day with some water for nocturnal semen emission, irregular semen emission, white discharge in males

Nightfall treatment Hindi होम्योपैथी नाईटफॉल ट्रीटमेंट, स्वप्नदोष किट - यह स्वपन दोष उपचार के लिए डॉक्टर द्वारा अनुशंसित किट है जिसमें चार दवाएं, दो तनुकरण और दो टिंचर शामिल हैं.

डॉ.कीर्ति द्वारा अनुशंसित खुराक (3 महीने का कोर्स)

  • लाइकोपोडियम 200 2 बूँद रात में
  • कैंथरिस 200 2 बूँद सुबह के समय
  • लाइकोपोडियम क्यू + वियोला ट्राई कलर क्यू को समान अनुपात में मिलाकर दिन में 3 बार 20 बूंदों को थोड़े से पानी के साथ प्रयोग करें

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