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Homeopathy for Gum infection, Periodontitis with Kreosotum, Hekla Lava, BC18

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Homeopathy Pyorrhea treatment Kit with Merc sol, Kreosetum, BC18, Hamamelis, Hekla Lava tooth powder is a combination of most effective medicine in liquid, tablets and powder form to treat Pyorrhea. It provides relief from swollen gums, pain, tenderness of gums, red/purple gums, bleeding gums, spitting of blood after brushing, bad breath, metallic taste in the mouth, receding gums and loose teeth in sockets

Why homeopathy for Pyorrhea treatment?

  1. Naturally clears the periodontal pocket of accumulated debris and abscess and restores gum health naturally
  2. Offers deep cleaning procedure with hekla lava powder. Hekla lava toothpowder offers a better alternative to toothpaste as plaque control agent because of its better abrasive quality. Hekla lava also exhibits antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It promotes good beneficial bacteria and stimulates or improve micro vascular circulation.
  3. Helps achieve long term good plaque control by stopping body tendency to develop it.  Know that dental plaque formation and maturation is quite rapid in quantity and quality in patients with periodontitis compared to healthy individuals

    The triple action results in halting tartar and plaque filled with bacteria, which usually leads to a gum infection

    Pyorrhea is a severe form of gingivitis in which the swelling of the gums extends to the supporting structures of the tooth. Gum disease, and its related conditions, is known by many names: Gingivitis, Periodontal Disease, Periodontitis (Pyorrhea). Simply put, gum disease manifests itself when plaque and tartar are allowed to build up at the gum line. Plaque and tartar are full of bacteria, which can then cause an infection of the gums.

    A gum infection left untreated can lead to bone and tooth loss. For the Fact, gum infection is the primary reason for tooth loss in adults.With lack of strength and ability in your teeth, you will probably have a hard time trying to chew and digest the food properly to absorb the nutrients that you need.

    The infection caused the highest risk to your health. As the disease advances the toxins released into the bloodstream increases, leading to several health risk. Know the doctor recommended naturopathic remedies for Pyorrhea treatment at home here

    You can avoid a painful and a costly surgical treatment  with Homeopathy that offers gentle and safe treatment . Effective DIY self help home care maintenance now available with homeopathy Pyorrhea Kit

    This doctor advised kit offers you simple homeo herbal method to treat pyorrhea effectively. Follow these remedies at home with easy usage guide to get rid of pyorrhea.

    Caused by

    • Genetic Reasons
    • Oral Hygiene
    • Smoking or Chewing Tobacco
    • Lack of Calcium and Vitamins
    • Diabetic Patient
    • certain allopathic Medicines

    showing Symptoms of 

    • Swelling in Gums
    • Redness
    • Bleeding from Gums

    Kit 1 - Dr.Kirti Peridontitis treatment homeopathy combinations

    This doctor recommended Pyorrhea kit is a homeopathic kit that has a combination of the best medicines to overcome the problem of pyorrhea. Watch this You Tube video to know more " Pyorrhea ! Homeopathic medicine for Periodontitis or Pyorrhea ? Explain". This Kit Contains 5 Homeopathic Medicines.

    • Wheezal Hela Lava Tooth Powder OR Medisynth Kolldent plus tooth powder
    • Merc sol 30C
    • Kreosotum 30C
    • Hamamelis Virginica 30 C
    • Bio-Combination 18

    Merc Sol 30 C is a very effective dilution that will help if you have swelling in your gums or redness around the gums. It will also remove the metallic taste which you may be getting due to pyorrhea. Merc Sol is considered by most homeopaths as one of the top listed medicines for pyorrhea. The symptoms indicating the use of Merc Sol are very inflamed, sensitive and bleeding gums. The gums may turn bluish red in colour with accompanying symptoms such as metallic taste in the mouth and offensive breath. An increase in saliva may also be noticed. Some patients may also complain of loosening of teeth in the sockets. 

    Kreosotum 30C beneficial action on pyorrhea comes from its effect on teeth and its surrounding, supporting gum structures. If you are suffering from pyorrhea and that is leading you to very bad smell from your mouth then this medicine is best for the treatment of bad smell, it will also cure the pain in your tooth which is due to pyorrhea completely.More over if your gums are moving downward this medicine will also help to control the movement of the gums.

    Kreosotum is best recommended where the symptoms include bluish, puffy gums with an intensely putrid odor from the mouth. Bleeding of dark blood from the gums is another key symptom to look out for prescription of Kreosotum as the best choice among medicines for pyorrhea. The tooth may be dark, decayed or crumbly in such cases.

    Hamamelis Virginica 30 C If the bleeding is major and whenever you spit the blood comes out then this medicine is best to control and cure the bleeding problem.Homeopathic remedy hamamelis virginica is effectively used in cases of acute minor bleeding, especially if the pain feels worse on contact (touch) to the affected area.This is a very effective medicine which will help a lot to cure the pyorrhea.

    Bio Combination 18 (BC18) is useful in cases of Gum boil, unnatural looseness of the teeth, with or without pain, toothache, gums sensitive to cold, abscess at root of teeth, spongy bleeding gums, pus in gums and foul breath. Contains Calcarea fluorica 3x, Calcarea sulphurica 3x, Silicea 6x in equal proportion

    BC18 can be taken on regular basis  which acts as a overall therapeutic medicine for all the problems of pyorrhea. Overall it’s a very effective medicine in case of pyorrhea and is specially made for the pyorrhea.

    Wheezal Hela Lava Tooth Powder Tarter/ calculus cannot be removed by regular brushing alone. You may supplement your regular toothpaste with hand masssaging your teeth with this medicated powder. This is a well formulated powder that come with goodness of ingredients like Plantago (anti-inflammatory action for toothache, swollen gums, caries), Calendula (anti-inflammatory), Azadirachta/Neem (anti septic). 

    Contains: Plantago Q, Calendula Q, Calc phos .3x, Azadirachta indica Q, Staphysagria Q, Kreosote Q, Cal carb 3x , Hekla lava 3x ,Calc fluor 3x, Merc cor 3x.1.0 gm. SLS powder 8.0gm. m sallcylate 0.4 ml. calcium carbonate base qs to 100gms.

    You need to use this instead of toothpaste. This is very effective tooth powder in case if you have the calcium is deposited on your tooth, it helps to remove that calcium deposit. It also helps to remove the bad smell which is caused by pyorrhea to a great extent.


    • Hekla Lava Tooth Powder- Use two times a day instead of toothpaste and do not use brush, use finger and gently massage your tooth using this powder.
    • Merc sol 30 CH - 2 drops directly on tongue every Morning and Night.
    • Kreosotum - 2 drops directly on tongue every Morning and Night.
    • Hamamelis Virginica 30 CH - 2 drops directly on tongue every Morning and Night.
    • Bio Combination 18 - 6 tablets every Morning, Evening and Night.

    Kit contents: The kit contains 3 dilutions of 30ml each, one 25 gms tablets and 100 gms of dental powder. All sealed units 

    Kit 2 - Dr.Pranjali swollen bleeding gum relief homeopathy medicines

    Watch her You Tube video titled "Pyorrhea homeopathic medicine | bleeding gums homeopathic medicine | swollen gums homeopathy" to know about pyorrhea homeopathic medicine, bleeding gums homeopathic medicine and swollen gums homeopathy. She has explained symptoms, causes and very effective homeopathic medicines.

    Homeopathic Medicines mentioned in the video and dosages- वीडियो  में दिखाए गये दवाओं के नाम  तथा लेने  का  तरीका :

    Mix all the mother tincture and take 30 to 40 drops with 1 cup lukewarm water and use as a mouth wash 3 times in a day

    Kit contents:  The kit contains 6 units of medicines, 3 mother tinctures, 1 dilution each of 30ml each and 2 tablets of 25 Gms each. All sealed units


    Homeopathy Gingivitis Medicines for inflamed gums

    Know the homeopathy caries remedies when teeth turn black and decay or have pits or holes in them, from defective enamel

    Know the homeopathy remedies to prevent infection after oral surgery and other complications

    Disclaimer: The medicines listed here are solely based on suggestion made by doctor on You Tube whose reference is provided. Homeomart does not provide any medical advise or prescriptions or suggest self medications. This is a part of customer education initiative. We suggest you consult your physician before taking any medicines 

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