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New Life NL-2 blood urea creatinin drops for kidney disorders

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About New Life NL-2 (Blood Urea And Creatinin Drops)

NL-2 Blood Urea Creatinin Drops contain certain phytochemicals that help in determining the increased blood urea and creatinin which is an indication of renal failure in the patient.

Uremia is a disorder caused by excessive accumulation of urea and creatinin in the blood. This is the most characteristic feature of chronic renal failure. This is because of the failure kidney to excrete these products. The uses of NL-2 Blood Urea Creatinine Drops helps to combat the condition of uremia and kidney failure conditions.

Prolonged and regular use of NL-2 Blood Urea Creatinine Drops is useful for the above conditions.

Tip: Dr Kirti advise NL2 drops and few other medicines for chronic kidney disease treatment. Know more 


  • Pain in Kidney
  • Chronic Nephritis
  • High Creatinine Levels
  • Edema

Action of Individual Ingredients of New Life NL-2

  • Serum Anguillae (Eel Serum) 6: It is useful, whenever the kidney becomes acutely affected, either from cold or infection or intoxication, and the attack is characterized by oliguria, anuria and albuminuria, the eel's serum is efficacious to re-establish diuresis, and in rapidly arresting albuminuria.
  • Echinacea Angustufolia 12X:  Generalised weakned due to certain diseases. It works well in infections that may include infections of kidneys . It is the immunity booster.
  • Terebinthinae Oleum 6:  Inflammation of kidneys, with hemorrhages-dark, passive, fetid. Terebinthina is of immense help in case of burning, drawing pain in the kidney. It is accompanied by dark, cloudy or smoky urine which contains albumin and coffee ground sediments. Constant tenesmus may also appear with these symptoms. Urethritis, with painful erections.
  • Uranium Nitricum 6: Unable to retain urine without pain. Burning in urethra, with very acid urine. Great debility and emaciation.
  • Apis Mellifica 12X:  Burning and soreness when urinating, Swelling, or puffing up of various parts. It is helpful in the acute inflammatory affection of the kidney with albuminuria. Homeopathic medicine Apis Mellifica is recommended when the person complains of the kidney feeling sore and bruised from pain. The person also complains of burning, stinging pain in the urethra while urinating in such cases. Urge for urine is frequent, but scanty urine is passed. Marked strangury is also observed in cases where Apis Mellifica will work as the most effective among Homeopathic medicines for kidney pain from pyelonephritis.
  • Berberis Vulgaris 12X:  Pain in region of kidneys is most marked; Urine with thick mucus and bright-red. Berberis is indicated for radiating, shooting pains in the left kidney. The pain often travels downwards to the ureter or bladder. The kidney region is highly sensitive to the touch. Motion worsens the pain
  • Sarsaparilla 12X:  Severe pain at conclusion of urination. Urine dribbles while sitting. Bladder distended and tender. Sarsaparilla is effective when marked dysuria appears along with right side kidney pain. Urine is scanty, slimy and may contain white sand


10 drops in half a cup of water thrice a day, or as prescribed by the physician

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