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Lords Hite Up Tablets - Natural Height Growth Enhancer for Children

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Size Option: 25gm

Unlock Your Child's Full Height Potential with Lords Hite Up Tablets

Help your child soar to new heights with Lords Hite Up Tablets! Our carefully selected homeopathic ingredients work synergistically to ensure your child's growth isn't just a possibility, but a reality. Whether it's overcoming growth delays or ensuring strong, healthy bones, Lords Hite Up is your partner in nurturing your child's full growth potential. Safe, gentle, and effective - it's the growth companion every child deserves!

Explore the Unique Ingredients of Lords Hite Up for Height Growth

Lords Hite up Tablets is a combination of well proven homeopathy drugs for the growth of children. Helps to achieve the optimal balance of these factors and helps in promoting height and growth to their full potential.

Height of an individual is determined by many factors like

  • Genetics
  • General health
  • Hormonal balance
  • Nutritional status

How Lords Hite Up Works: A Deep Dive into Each Ingredient's Role

Baryta Carb. H.P.I. 200 C, Silicea H.P.I. 200 C, Thuja Occ. H.P.I. 200 C, Calc. Phos H.P.I. 200C

Mode of action of individual Ingredients in Lords Hite-Up:

  • Baryta carbonica: Aids in overcoming developmental delays, supports memory enhancement, and addresses physical growth issues. For children who are mentally and physically backward, do not grow and develop swollen abdomen, loss of memory.
  • Silicea: Improves nutrient assimilation and digestion, essential for children who face challenges in physical activities like walking. For imperfect assimilation and consequent defective nutrition. Children who are slow walking.
  • Calcarea Phosphorica: Promotes healthy bone growth, addresses dental development issues, and improves digestive health, reducing colic and flatulence. For anemic children who are peevish with feeble digestion, it is excellent for tardy dentition troubles and promote growth of healthy bones. It also covers abdominal flatulence in children, mild inflammation of tonsils, colic or soreness around navel, diarrhea with undigested food in stools.


One Lords Hite Up tablets twice a week for children below 13 years. 2 Tablets tewice a week for children above 13 years

Presentation: 25gm

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