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Haslab Physi Hite Tablets for height increase

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Size Option: 20gm

Haslab Physi Hite Tablets is indicated for Poor height and growth of the children, scrofulous children with poor mental and physical health, dwarfism, children do not attain the proper height at the of puberty, young girls with short height and poor development of secondary sex characters.


Pharmacodynamics: Height and growth of the body is regulated by the pituitary gland. Hyposecretion of the growth harmone and thyrotrophic stimulating harmone results in poor height and growth, delayed puberty and development of secondary sex characters in young child.


Mode of actions of individual ingredients inHaslab Physi Hite Tablets : Barium Carbonate: Poor mental and physical growth specially in scrophulous children, poor immunity, sensitive to cold, always have swollen tonsils irritable, melancholic with poor appetite. Aurum metallicum: Metallic gold affects profoundly the entire organism, hyposecretion of pituitary hormones aggravated from emotion, complaints after grief, fright, anger, disappointed love, contradiction. Phosphorus: Destructive metabolism.

Dosage In the children at the age of 10 age years or older showing low height or having family history of dwarfism should be treated, even from early age. One tablet once a week, in adolescence 1 tablet twice a week for a period of one to two years or as directed by the Physician.
Symptoms Stunted Growth
Manufacturer Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory (india)
Form Tablets

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