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Bakson Homeopathic Formula 'D' Tablets: Effective Relief for Eczema,Lichen Planus

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Eczema and Lichen Planus can be troublesome skin conditions marked by redness, swelling, intense itching, eruptions, oozing, extreme dryness, cracks, and excessive scaling. Bakson Homoeopathic Formula 'D' Tablets offer a natural and effective solution to alleviate the discomfort associated with these conditions. These tablets can help reduce burning sensations, redness, dryness, itching, and swelling, promoting skin relief and comfort.

Indications: Bakson Formula 'D' Tablets are specially formulated for individuals dealing with Eczema and Lichen Planus, characterized by symptoms such as redness, swelling, intense itching, eruptions, oozing, extreme dryness, cracks, and excessive scaling.

The Action of Each Ingredient:

- Calcarea fluorica: This ingredient is beneficial for treating fissures or cracks in palms and hard skin. It addresses dry skin with hard crusts, cracked hands, and other related issues.

- Calcarea sulph.: Useful for various skin conditions, including pimples and dry Eczema that doesn't heal easily. It helps with torpid glandular swellings, Psoriasis, cystic swellings, and suppurative processes.

- Kali sulphuricum: Effective against burning sensations, itching, papular eruptions with abundant scaling. It is particularly useful for skin eruptions around the eyes and on the eyelids.

- Natrum sulphuricum: This ingredient targets generalized itching, which worsens on undressing. It has been effective in managing warts and overgrowths.

- Arsenicum album: Known for addressing dryness of the skin, Dandruff, Eczema with the formation of pustules, itching, burning sensations, swellings with dry, rough, scaly skin, and more.

- Rhus tox.: Ideal for cases involving intense itching, Urticaria, burning sensations, Eczema, and eruptions containing fluid.


*For Dry/Wet Eczema:*

- Adults: Start with one tablet every Monday and Thursday, twice a week, for two weeks. Continue until the symptoms subside. If there's no improvement after fifteen days, you may increase to one tablet every other day for two weeks. In sensitive cases, reduce the dosage to one tablet once a week.

*For Lichen Planus:*

- Adults: Begin with one tablet every alternate day. As thickness and itching of the skin reduce, continue until the symptoms disappear. If there's no improvement after fifteen days, you may increase to one tablet daily for two weeks. In sensitive cases, reduce the dosage to one tablet on Mondays and Thursdays, twice a week.

Maintenance Dosage: Once the patient is completely symptom-free, switch to a maintenance dosage. For adults, it's usually one tablet on alternate days. For children, the dosage varies, starting with one tablet once a week and gradually reducing frequency as symptoms improve.

Contra-indication: None

Side effects: No known side effects

Expiry: 5 years from the date of manufacturing.

Manufactured in India by: Bakson Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

For Better Results:

- Maintain a nutritious diet.
- Avoid using cosmetic creams and lotions.
- Steer clear of fatty foods like chocolates, nuts, dry fruits, and spicy foods that may increase sebaceous gland activity.
- Incorporate regular exercise into your routine.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are Bakson Formula 'D' Tablets?

   - Bakson Homeopathic Formula 'D' Tablets are an effective treatment for Dermatitis and various skin conditions characterized by inflammation, redness, itchiness, scaling, and dryness.

  1. What are the uses/benefits of Bakson Homeopathic Formula 'D' Tablets?

   - These tablets offer relief and management for lichen planus, contact dermatitis, eczema, and other skin conditions that cause dryness and itching.

  1. What are the Bakson Homeopathic Formula 'D' Tablets Side Effects?

   - Bakson Homeopathic Formula 'D' Tablets are generally safe when taken as instructed on the packaging.

Presentation: Available in 50, 75, and 200 tablet variants.


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