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Bach flower remedy Impatiens. Lack of patience, irritated, frustration

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About Bach Flower Impatiens Indications: impatiens, irritability, extreme mental tension

Also known as Impatiens glandulifera.

Emotional state of person needing: Impatient, irritable, excessive reactions. Want hasty recovery from illness. Impatient with slow people. Prefer to work and think alone.

Person before treatment: Rapid thinker, crazy driver, loner, genius

Person after treatment: Quick thought and action, but diplomatic and acts for the benefit of others

Impatiens Bach Flower Remedy: Descriptive Materia Medica

This is the remedy for people who are very quick in mind and action, who make instant decisions and who like to work alone because the slowness of others may hinder them. They grasp any new idea or subject quickly and may even your sentence for you if you are a low speeder, or they may finish snatch things out of your hands, if you do not pass them quickly enough. They are very active people, who move, speak and often eat quickly; they are intelligent and intuitive, good and efficient in all they do. They tend to become impatient and irritable with others who are not as quick as themselves, but their anger, although it flares up quickly, as quickly subsides. In illness these people may feel they are not getting well quickly enough and become cross, irritable and impatient with those around.

The extreme mental tension in these people often results in muscular tension and hence pain. They are also liable to have accidents, crossing the road hurriedly without waiting to see if the road is clear off traffic, rushing along without seeing an obstacle in their path, so tripping and spraining an ankle or breaking a bone. Doing things also when they are in a bad temper, slamming the door without taking their fingers out of the way, lifting the boiling kettle off the stove too suddenly and scalding themselves. As the impatient irritable state is one of tension, sudden mental tension, this remedy is effective in many cases of physical pain and tension, sudden agonizing pains, cramp, spastic conditions, as well as any other complaint suffered by those with this kind of temperament. They may suffer from indigestion and allied complaints, as eating when one is in a bad temper, upsets the digestive processes. impatient or irritable which 

The Impatiens type differs from the Vervain type as the latter uses effort, force and strong will in his activities and so uses up his vitality, whereas Impatiens folks are naturally quick and work without effort. They prefer to work alone and in their own way unhindered and if allowed to do so, they do not try to influence others as do the Vervain people. They differ also from the Vine temperament, they do not wish to rule and dominate others, but prefer to be and work alone.

The fine positive qualities of these people are: patience, gentleness and great sympathy for others. They are capable, decisive, intuitive and clever with abilities above the average, but at the same time understanding and patient with those who are slower than themselves.

About Bach Flower Remedy

Dr. Edward Bach a British doctor and homeopath concluded that sickness and diseases were not primarily  due to physical causes, but to some deeper disharmony within the sufferer himself.

He observed that body loses its natural resistance to diseases and become easy prey to any infection or from of illness due to distress in mind such as fear, worry, over anxiety, importance which depleted the vitality of an individual.

Between 1930 and 1936 he devoted his whole time to the search for harmless remedies amongst the wild flowers of countryside. He discovered 38 flower Remedies containing healing properties with the help of which the sufferer could again strength to overcome his anxieties, his fears, depression and so assist in his own healing in a natural way. He believed that flowers and plants contain energy that can heal emotional issues

Bach Flower Properties

Bach flowers Remedies affect the emotion and correct emotional disharmony, and imbalance in the person, which gave the feeling of physical well-being.

Salient Features:

  • Only 38 remedies therefore easy remembrance.
  • No elaborate head racking study. Easily understood
  • Very simple
  • Non-habit forming and absolutely without any side effects.
  • Can mix up to three medicines and be given for chronic diseases.
  • Can be repeated as often as required. Even up to 3-5 times a day as there is no problem of over closing.

Bach Flower, Cases treated with Impatiens:

A young mother of 24 with one son of 41/2 years, suffered intense pain with each monthly period, medical examinations showed an ulcer. She was advised to have an operation and to return for a further examination in one month. The girl was terrified of an operation and during the attacks of pain almost in a panic, and she said it was a big shock to her that she would have to have surgical interference. She was a very capable girl, did everything very quickly and efficiently, disliking interference and advice.

In December 1959, she was given Impatiens for her quick and capable nature, Rock Rose for her terror and panic, and Star of Bethlehem for the shock she had experienced. She took four drops of medicine in a little water four times a day, regularly for a month. The next period was a mild one, very little pain, and when she went back to the hospital for the examination, the surgeon was surprised to find no ulcer, he could only find the scar where it had been and said no operation was necessary.

Dr. Bach himself found this remedy had a very quick effect. He had, of course, immediate knowledge and understanding and at one time, should others not as quickly follow him, he was inclined to be impatient. His body would react at once and a very red and irritating rash would appear. He would say Impatiens would restore his good humour and within a short while the rash would disappear.

Impatiens in Bach Flower Mixes

Bach Flower Remedy Mix Impatiens, Centaury for mood swings

Bach Flower Remedy Mix Heather, Impatiens, Oak for Allergy

Bach Flower Remedy Mix Impatiens, Holly for Excessively barking dogs

Bach Flower Remedy Mix Beech, Impatiens, White Chestnut for Sleep problems, Insomnia

Presentation: 30ml, 100ml

Price : Rs.99 for 30 ml, get upto 35% off for best price

Dosage 5-10 Drops 3-4 times day or as directed by physician.
Manufacturer Hahnemann Pharma
Form Drops

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