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Heather Bach Flower Remedy: Natural Solution for Enhanced Empathy & Balance

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Discover the Healing Power of Heather Bach Flower

Bach flower heather Indications: Self-centredness, self-concern.

Also known as Calluna Vulgaris.

Emotional state of person needing Heather bach flowerSelf-centered, obsessed with own troubles and affairs. Constantly needs an audience. Need to seek out any companion available to discuss their own affairs

Person before treatment: Hypochondriac, spoiled child, energy vampire, emotionally under nourished.

Person after Heather bach flower treatment: Sympathetic and good listener. Radiates strength and confidence

Heather bach flower is suited to egocentric, egoistic people. They put themselves first, only care about their needs and wants, being unable to see another's perspective 

  • They have one-sided conversations.
  • They don't reciprocate effort
  • They consistently lack perspective
  • They think rules don't apply tothem
  • They're inconsiderate.
  • They're controlling.

About Bach Flower Remedy

Crafted from the wisdom of Dr. Edward Bach, Bach Flower Remedies focus on harmonizing emotional imbalances to enhance physical health. Harnessing the subtle energies of nature, these remedies offer a gentle yet profound path to emotional well-being, fortifying the spirit in the face of life's challenges.

Product Features:

  • Easy to Remember: Only 38 Remedies
  • Simple and Understandable Approach
  • Non-Habit Forming with No Side Effects
  • Suitable for Chronic Conditions
  • Frequent Dosage without Overdosing Risk
  • No Withdrawal Symptoms

Heather Bach Flower Remedy: Transforming Self-Centeredness into Empathy

      Heather Bach Flower Remedy is particularly suited for those who find themselves overly self-absorbed, often preoccupied with their minor ailments and worries. Unlike those who hide their troubles, Heather types feel compelled to share every detail of their lives, dominating conversations and steering them back to themselves. Their incessant, rapid talking can be draining for listeners, leading them to be inadvertently avoided. Known as "button-holers" by Dr. Bach, they often unconsciously sap the vitality of others with their excessive focus on self.

      These individuals struggle with solitude, fearing being alone, yet their relentless chatter and poor listening skills often push others away. Ironically, they are not driven by self-pity but rather a need to magnify their experiences, failing to recognize the impact on those around them. The Heather remedy addresses this imbalance, shifting focus from self to others.

      Remarkably, the remedy reveals its true power in fostering a transformation. Those who once were consumed with their narratives become empathetic listeners, understanding and aiding others. Through their own experiences, they develop a selfless attitude, prioritizing others' troubles and offering support. Heather teaches the art of listening and the joy of helping, turning self-absorption into a gift of empathy and connection.

      Heather Bach Flower, Cases treated:

      Case: Letter from a friend of the patient: "She is staying with us at present. She appears terribly self-centered and selfish, she cannot get away from herself for long, and she talks all the time about her tiniest aches and pains. This morning she told me at length she had written a letter the night before and it had tired her so much that she quite expected to have a headache all the day.

      The curtains were drawn and she had a shade over her eyes but she had no headache." When seen, this patient gave a long and detailed account of all her symptoms past and present and said as she lived alone she was so lonely, so few people come to see her and they would not stop long, enough or listen sympathetically to her troubles.

      Heather's remedy was given for several weeks with great improvement. She began gradually to take interest in things outside herself and finally made friends with a woman, busy helping her with the children, shopping, and at the home. Her health naturally improved beyond all measures.

      Heather in Bach Flower remedy mixes: Revitalize Your Emotional Well-Being with Heather Bach Flower

      1. Bach Flower Remedy Mix Vine, Heather, Larch for Lovesickness
      2. Bach Flower Remedy Mix Heather, Impatiens, Oak for Allergy
      3. Bach Flower Remedy Mix Beech, Heather, Holly for Menopause Complaints
      4. Calluna vulgaris Homeopathy Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M, CM
      5. Calluna Vulgaris Homeopathy 2 Dram Pills 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M

      Heather Bach Flower Remedy: Key Information

      • Dosage: Recommended dosage is 5-10 drops, to be taken 3-4 times daily or as advised by a physician.
      • Presentation: Available in two sizes - 30ml and 100ml bottles.
      • Pricing: Priced at Rs. 99 for the 30 ml bottle. Special offer: Get up to 35% off for the best price.
      • Manufacturer: Produced by Hahnemann Pharma.
      • Form: Comes in a convenient drop form for ease of use.

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