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German Hydrocotyle Asiatica Mother Tincture Q

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About German Hydrocotyle Asiatica Homeopathy Dilution:

Hydrocotyle asiatica MT is an excellent remedy in jaundice; leprosy; skin diseases; gonorrhoea; dropsy; leucorrhoea; elephantiasis. It is a diuretic, aperient and tonic; efficacious in nervous debility and seminal weakness. Its leaves are taken as tonic and for improving memory, useful in syphilitic skin diseases both internally and externally. In herbal medicine, it is considered as anti-ageing plant. Research has shown this to have anticonvulsive, intellegence enhancer, and as antileprosy drug.

Hydrocotyle Asiatica MT is a homoeopathic mother tincture prepared from Indian Pennywort and is frequently used for diseases with inflammation and hypertrophy of cells such as in leprosy, lupus, cancer and elephantiasis.

It is a useful remedy for thickness of the skin and exfoliation in scales hence of use in Psoriasis and dermatitis. It is also a good remedy for erythema with intolerable itching and excessive sweating especially of the soles. It is also useful in female complaints such as pruritis of genitals, leucorrhoea and ulceration.

What doctors recommend Hydrocotyle Asiatica in Homeopathy?

Dr Kirti Singh recommends for gonorrhea, syphilis, facial neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, leprosy, eczema, warts, corns, psoriasis. how to use: hydrocotyle asiatica 30,  2 drop 2 times a day

Dr PS Tiwari recommends Hydrocotyle Asiatica Q for 4 golden symptoms; Hydrocele (10 drops 3 times daily), filariasis (also known as elephantiasis), Gonorrhea, Jaundice 

Dr Aadil Chimthanwall recommends Hydrocotyle Asiatica for psoriasis

Dr Aparna Samantha says this medicines is very effective on the connective tissues especially thickening of skin epidermal layer. She recommends this for Lupus, Leprosy, Skin thickening , acne, eczema, pemphigus, lupus,  copper colored skin eruption, ulceration of cervix (uterus)

Dr Vikas Sharma recommends Hydrocotyle Asiatica for icthyosis with great thickening of skin and exfoliation of scales

Dr KS Gopi recommends

  • Hydrocotyle is a rejuvenatory nervine recommended for nervous disorders, including epilepsy, senility and premature aging. As a brain tonic it is said to aid intelligence and memory.
  • It has a positive effect on circulatory system. It improves the blood flow while strengthening the veins and capillaries. It has been used successfully to treat phlebitis, leg cramps, and abdominal tingling of the extremities
  • Hydrocotyle 30 is an effective medicine for scleroderma. It is prescribed when the skin becomes thickened that of an elephant.
  • Hydrocotyle Q: An effective remedy for rectal cancer and reduces pain
  • Hydrocotyle Q: Leucorrhoea with heaviness of uterus. Vulva, vagina, and cervix are red. Severe labor like pain in uterus

Dosage: It is to be taken as an internal medicine. Please note that the dosage of single homoeopathic medicines varies from drug to drug depending upon the condition, age, sensitivity and other things. Unless otherwise prescribed, it is to be taken as 10-20 drops in half a cup of normal water 2-3 times daily till symptoms disappear. We strongly recommend that the medication should be taken as per the physician’s advice.

Maintain half an hour gap between food/drink/ any other medicine. Avoid strong smell in the mouth while taking the medicine.

What are the side effects of Hydrocotyle Asiatica MT?

No known side effects reported.

How long should I take Hydrocotyle Asiatica MT?

Until the symptoms improve or as per the Physicians prescription.

Is Hydrocotyle Asiatica MT safe for children?


Is it safe to use Hydrocotyle Asiatica MT during pregnancy?

It is advised to consult your Physician before taking Hydrocotyle Asiatica MT during Pregnancy or Lactation.

About German Homeopathy remedies: These medicines are made and bottled in Germany. They are shipped to India and sold through authorized distributors. German brands available in India currently are Dr. Reckeweg, Schwabe Germany (WSG), and Adel (Pekana).

Hydrocotyle Asiatica Mother Tincture Q is available in following German brands and Sizes

  • Reckeweg (20ml) (100ml)
  • Adel (20ml) (100ml)

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