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Empty Nest Syndrome and Bach Flower Remedies

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Three signs and symptoms of empty nest syndrome in elders are

  1. Grief - Empty nesters can feel deep sadness due to separation and may even begin to experience the five stages of grief.
  2. Emptiness - Loss of purpose in life, you may feel adrift like a boat without a rudder. Your life can suddenly feel empty.
  3. Fear and worry - There may be anxiety and unexplained dread of the future. You might be uncertain and afraid of your life ahead.

Mrs.Padmavati Ganesan, a BFR certified teacher talks on the subject in her YouTube video titled 'Empty Nest Syndrome and Bach Flower Remedies'

Excerpts from video

In this video, I am going to tell you about emptiness syndrome and how bach flower remedies can help in such situations. Birds build the nest and lay eggs and when the eggs hatch and the baby births are growing, the parents bring the foot and feed them and make them grow. And once they become strong, they fly away and all of them leave the nest and go away. But we as human beings are not able to do that.

We start our education, then we grow up and we get married and have children and we build a house of our own. Once the children become big, they start leaving the house and go abroad or go to other countries for jobs and the girls get married and go away. In such situations, some parents are not able to bear this separation. They suddenly start feeling empty in the house. 

Denial: Some parents feel grief when their children leave the home and go. Both parents can feel like this. But not all parents are like that. Some can adjust but others feel lost, anxious, irritable, and fearful. When the children were at home, they had active day-to-day duties to perform. But once they go out, it becomes very difficult for some to make the transition. 

Acceptance: Once you get adjusted, you can find new purposes in life. It's just like one chapter has ended and a new chapter begins. Some children do not like being instructed now and then, for they feel that they have grown up and they can handle their own life and take their own decisions. We should be able to have confidence in their ability to learn and lead their own life independently.

Facing ENS: We can make use of this time constructively and try to carry on our passion or learn new skills which we wanted to do very easily when we were young but couldn't do so because of the responsibilities. The Bach flower remedies can help us to come out of this emptiness and be happy and lead our life fully. The Bach flower remedy walnut will help you in the transition to your new routine. Some children suddenly announce that they have got a new job in another city and so they are leaving and going. It becomes shocking news to the parents in such situations, the bach flower remedy star of Bethlehem will help them to a great extent. 

Some parents are extremely worried, over concerned about their children as to how they will be coping alone in the new city. For such type of parents, the bachelor remedy Red Chestnut is of great help. If you feel that you are missing your children and you are not able to carry on with your life, burdened by dwelling too much into the past then the remedy honey suckle will help you

Some feel very lazy to get up and they keep on lying on the bed for a longer time and they don't even do not want to start the day. Weariness of mind, disinclination to carry on with life. For such types of people, the bach flower remedy Hornbeam will be of great help to give mental and physical strength

Some suddenly feel low and do not know why they are feeling like that. A pall of gloom and despair descends like a dark cloud. In such situations, the bath flower remedy Mustard will help. It helps cheer up and bring joy to life. . Some possessive parents who seek the attention of their grown-up children may take up the responsibilities of their children and organize their life even at this stage. In such cases, the bach flower remedy Chicory will help them not to cling to the responsibilities.

The clarity in crossroads: When the children are away and we have a lot of time at our disposal, we can make use of that time constructively. But for some parents, it becomes very difficult because they do not know what to do. In such type of cases, the bach flower remedy wild oat will help them to find the direction in their life.

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