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Understanding Empty Nest Syndrome in Elders: Signs, Bach Flower Remedies, & Coping

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Here are three signs and symptoms of empty nest syndrome in elders:

  1. Grief: Empty nesters may experience deep sadness and go through the five stages of grief due to the separation from their children.
  1. Emptiness: This can manifest as a loss of purpose in life, making one feel adrift, like a boat without a rudder, and suddenly experiencing an empty existence.
  1. Fear and Worry: Some may suffer from anxiety and unexplained dread about the future, feeling uncertain and fearful about life ahead.

Mrs. Padmavati Ganesan, a BFR certified teacher, discusses this topic in her YouTube video titled 'Empty Nest Syndrome and Bach Flower Remedies.' In her video, she touches on various aspects of empty nest syndrome and how Bach Flower Remedies can be beneficial in addressing these issues.

Excerpts from the video:

In this video, I will explore the concept of empty nest syndrome and how Bach Flower Remedies can offer assistance in such situations. In the natural world, birds build nests, lay eggs, nurture their young, and eventually, the fledglings leave the nest to begin their own journeys. However, as human beings, we often find it challenging to cope with the departure of our children from home.

We embark on our education, grow up, get married, and raise children, eventually establishing our own households. When our children grow up and move away, whether abroad for work or due to marriage, some parents struggle to cope with the sudden emptiness that pervades their homes.

Denial: Some parents experience grief when their children leave home. This sentiment can affect both parents, but not everyone reacts the same way. Some can adapt more easily, while others may feel lost, anxious, irritable, and fearful. The transition from actively caring for their children to an empty nest can be difficult for some.

Acceptance: With time and adjustment, new purposes in life can be discovered. It's akin to concluding one chapter of life and beginning a new one. Some children resist constant instruction as they feel they are now capable of making their own decisions and leading their own lives independently. It's crucial to have confidence in their abilities.

Facing Empty Nest Syndrome (ENS): This period can be used constructively to pursue passions or learn new skills that may have been postponed due to parental responsibilities. Bach Flower Remedies can help alleviate the emptiness and enable individuals to find happiness and fulfillment. For example, walnut aids in transitioning to a new routine, Star of Bethlehem  helps cope with shocking news,Red Chestnut alleviates worries about children's well-being, and honey suckle assists in letting go of the past.

Some individuals may struggle with lethargy, lying in bed for extended periods without motivation to start the day. In such cases,  Hornbeam can provide mental and physical strength.

Occasionally, individuals may experience unexplained feelings of sadness and despair. Bach Flower Remedy Mustard can help lift their spirits and bring joy back into their lives.

For possessive parents who continue to seek their grown-up children's attention and take on their responsibilities, Chicory can help release the need to cling to these roles.

Clarity at Crossroads: When children are no longer at home, elders often have ample free time but may struggle to decide how to utilize it. Bach Flower Remedy wild oat can assist in finding direction and purpose in life during this phase.




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