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Boerhaavia Diffusa Homeopathy Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M.

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About Homoeopathy Boerhavia Diffusa Dilution

Common Names:  English: Red spiderling, Wine flower, Spreading Hogwd ; Hindi: Punarnava, Gadahpurna; Malayalam: Thazhuthama; Tamil: Mukaratee-Kirei

The plant is useful overall. The roots and leaves are used to prepare the medicine.

Clinical range of actions of Boerhaavia Diffusa

Dropsy:  A great remedy in all kinds of dropsy. Swelling of eyelids, hands, abdomen, legs and feet. There is heaviness of feet with dropsy from feet to thigh. It promotes urination in dropsy. It is a good remedy for attack of Beriberi and dropsy in every rainy season. Retention of urine, dribbling of urine with pain in the bladder.

Heart: Frequent palpitation and intermittent  throbbing pain in the cardiac region. Trembling and fluttering of heart. Gasping for breath. Dyspnea worse on physical exertion.

Liver:  Slight pain in the hepatic region was felt on touch or pressure, better by hard pressure. Cirrhosis of liver.

Causes & Symptoms for  Boerhavia Diffusa

  • Boerhavia helps to relieve the complaints of pain while passing urine and also helps to induce urination.
  • It is found useful in complaints  of Anemia, Vitamin deficiencies, swelling over legs, abdominal swelling.
  • The symptoms that are worse in the night and during cold conditions are helped with Boerhavia
  • Boerhavia Diffusa also useful in Liver complaints, renal stones, Jaundice, watery stools.
  • For toning breast muscles (sagging)

What doctors recommend Boerhaavia Diffusa in Homeopathy?

Dr Kirti Vikram says 'punarnava Ya Boerhaavia Diffusa bahut effective medicine Hai swelling (edema) ke liye, asthma ke liye ,high blood pressure ke liye ,cirrhosis of liver ke liye , aur jaundice ki liye'. Treats swelling from poisonous animal or insect bites

Dr K S Gopi recommends 

Boerhaavia Diffusa Q- Asthma. Coryza with dry cough and thick white expectoration

Boerhaavia Diffusa Q- Right sided headache. Pain is bursting in nature. Headache is relieved by cold application. Associated wuth giddiness

Boerhaavia diffusa Q- Palpitation of heart worse when alone. Sleeplessness with heaviness in head. Edematous swelling on face and legs. Tincture 10 drops every 4 hours

Boerhaavia Diffusa Q -Jaundice associated with slight pain in the hepatic region, aggravated by touch or slightest pressure and better by hard pressure. Scanty, high colored urine with strangury. 

Boerhaavia Diffusa Q- Asthma. Coryza with dry cough and thick white expectoration

Boerhaavia Diffusa Patient profile 

Head:  Boerhavia is useful in one sided headache, pain in the lower part of the neck.

Severe pains which is ameliorated by drinking cold water.

Cough: Boerhavia Diffusa a useful remedy in dry cough occurring with cold and catarrh,

Heart: Boerhavia Diffusa is said to have effective results in controlling high blood pressure. Complaints of swelling associated with heart complaints can be relieved with help of Boerhavia Diffusa.The pain and burning sensation in the region of heart is also reduced with help of this medicine.

Eye: Complaints of Night blindness, blurred vision is helped with Boerhavia Diffusa

Itching and redness of eyes, swelling of eyelids is also relieved with this remedy.

Stomach and Abdomen: Boerhavia Diffusa is useful in complaint of Indigestion, flatulence and watery stool, Liver complaints associated with pain in hypochondriac region, abdominal swelling.

Urinary system: Boerhavia Diffusa reduces the pain while passing urine.

It is useful as a Diuretic and helps to initiate urination and evacuate the bladder when urine is not passed for a long time.

Extremities: Pain and swelling of hands, feet is reduced with help of Boerhavia Diffusa.

The remedy helps to reduce the body pains.

Side effects of  Boerhavia Diffusa:

There are no such side effects. But every medicine should be taken following the rules as given.

 Dosage and rules while taking Boerhavia Diffusa

Take 5 drops in half cup of water three times a day.

 You can also medicate the globules and take 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

 We recommend you to take under physicians guidance.

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