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Embrace Puberty with Confidence: Bach Flower Remedy Mix for Emotional Balance

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Size: 90ml

Transform Your Puberty Experience with Vervain, Vine, and Water Violet

Puberty Doesn't Have to Be a Challenge. With Our Bach Flower Remedy Mix, Embrace Every Moment with Confidence and Ease. Experience the power of Vervain, Vine, and Water Violet to smooth your journey through adolescence. Say goodbye to mood swings and emotional upheaval, and hello to peace, balance, and self-assurance. Start your path to emotional well-being today - naturally

Navigating the Emotional Landscape of Puberty:

Puberty is a pivotal stage marked not just by physical, but significant emotional changes as well. Adolescents may experience a rollercoaster of emotions, from heightened sensitivity and mood swings to feelings of insecurity and confusion about their changing identities. These emotional upheavals can lead to stress, anxiety, and challenges in relationships with family and peers, making support and understanding during this time crucial for healthy development.

Harmonize Your Adolescence: A Natural Path to Emotional Stability and Self-Discovery

The Bach Flower Remedy Mix, comprising Vervain, Vine, and Water Violet, is specifically formulated to assist individuals navigating the complex and often turbulent period of puberty and adolescence. This stage of life, marked by significant physical, emotional, and psychological changes, can be overwhelming. The chosen mix aims to ease the transition, fostering a sense of balance and self-discovery.

The Benefits of Each Ingredient

  • Vervain: Known for its ability to temper enthusiasm with patience, Vervain is especially beneficial during adolescence, a time when passions and ideals can overshadow practical considerations. It helps in moderating strong emotions and convictions, encouraging a more balanced approach to life's challenges. Vervain aids in alleviating stress and tension, promoting relaxation and peace of mind, which is crucial during the puberty years.

  • Vine: Vine is selected for its qualities of leadership and assertiveness, without tipping into dominance or inflexibility. It fosters a healthy sense of control, allowing adolescents to assert themselves and their independence in positive ways. Vine helps in cultivating respect for others' boundaries and opinions, promoting harmonious interactions and reducing conflicts.

  • Water Violet: This ingredient is particularly helpful for those who feel isolated or misunderstood during puberty and adolescence. Water Violet encourages openness and communication, helping individuals to connect with others and share their experiences and feelings. It supports the development of a strong sense of self that is both independent and connected to the community.

Key Benefits of the Mix

This unique blend of Bach flowers offers a holistic approach to navigating puberty and adolescence. It is designed to:

  • Smooth the emotional and psychological passage through puberty.
  • Foster a sense of independence and self-discovery.
  • Enhance self-worth and emotional stability.
  • Mitigate mood swings and promote peace of mind.

Moreover, the mix is gluten and allergen-free, making it suitable for individuals with dietary sensitivities.

Preparing and Using the Mix

To prepare, mix equal quantities of Vervain, Vine, and Water Violet (10ml each). The recommended dosage is 5-6 drops directly on the tongue or dissolved in half a cup of water, taken 3-4 times a day. For continuous support, consider adding 24 drops to a bottle of water and consuming it throughout the day.

Contents: 3 units of 30 ml Bach flower remedies (sealed units)

This Bach Flower Remedy Mix is a gentle, natural way to support the emotional and psychological well-being of those experiencing the challenges and changes of puberty and adolescence. It offers a path to navigating this critical period with grace, self-assurance, and emotional equilibrium.

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