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Warts Medicines

Homeopathic Single remedy Indicated for 
Acidum phos. (tds), Sabina (tds) Black warts
Acidum salicylic. 3X (tds) Itchy and pustular watts. Scratching gives some relief.
Anacardium ori. (tds), Dulcamara (tds), Natrium mur. (tds) Warts on the palms of the hand.
Anagallis lx (tds) It possess power of softening flesh and  destroying warts.
Antimonium crud. (tds) Warts  on soles, palms and neck. Warts soft and smooth.
Antimonium tart. (tds)  Warts on glans penis.
Arsenicum alb. (tds) Warts on the right hand.
Arsenicum alb. (tds), Natrium carb. (tds) Warts on the back of the hand.
Aurum mur. (tds)  Warts on the tongue and genitals.
Calcarea calcinata 3x (tds)  It is a remedy for all kinds of warts.
Calcarea carb. (tds) Red. warts on the fingers. Warts on face and hands.
Calcarea fluor. 12x (tds) Hard wart or a mole on the scalp.
Cannabis ind. (tds), Acidum phos. (tds) Warts situated on the prepuce..
Carbo animalis (tds)  Warts on hands and face of old people. 
Castor equi (tds)  Warts on breasts.
Castoreum (tds)  Warts on forehead.
Causticum (tds) Warts on finger tips, right index finger, on the face, eyelids and in or outside the nose. Burning and bleeding easily. Maybe situated all over the body.  
Dulcamara (tds) Warts on the lower eyelid of the eyes. Large smooth warts on the palms.
Ferrum Met. (tds), Psorinum (tds) Warts on the left hand.
Ficus carica (tds) (Fig) The fresh milky juice obtained by breaking the stalk applied externally. on warts causes their disappearance.
Kalium crh. (tds) Warts on the fingers.
Natrium carb. (tds)  Warts on-forearms.
Natrium mur. (tds)  Warts on palms.
Natrium sulph. (tds) Red warts on the whole body, General remedy for warts specially when fingers and toes. are affected.
Nitricum acidum (tds) Warts are like cauliflowers on lips or anywhere; hard, having cracks, sometimes emitting a fetid fluid. Warts on genitals. Warts bleed on washing.
Ruta (tds)  Warts on the inside of hands.
Sarsaparilla (tds)  Warts around joints of fingers.
Sepia (tds) Warts situated on the whole body.
Thuja occ. 1M (hs). Repeat after a week Warts on the anus, thumb, sides of the fingers and the left index. finger. Warts in crops, sometimes oozing moisture or blood. Warts on genitals and anal surfaces. 
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Anacardium Orientale Homeopathy Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M, CM
Adel 40 Verintex drops for  treatment of Warts & Corns
Adel 86 Verintex N external drops treatment of Warts
Adel 40 & 86 Combo for Warts treatment (Internal & External)
Allen homeopathy Dewarts - Warts and Corns Removal Cream  (Pack of 2)
Allen Warto Plus Tab for Warts
Allen Warto Plus Tab for Warts
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Allen A31 Homeopathic Drops for Warts
Dr.Reckeweg Biochemic Tablets Silicea for Acne, Boils, Brittle nails, Weak Memory
St.George Thuja Occ Ointments for Warts -Pack of 3
Acidum Salicylicum Homeopathy Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M, CM
46 results
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