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Adel 86 Verintex N external drops Treatment of Warts.

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🌟 Reclaim Smooth, Blemish-Free Skin with Adel 86 External Drops! 🌟

Are warts causing you discomfort and self-consciousness? Say goodbye to those stubborn blemishes with our homeopathy marvel - Adel 86 External Drops. This powerful formula, enriched with natural ingredients, is your secret weapon for effective wart removal and flawless skin!

🌼 Anagallis Arvensis - Soften & Erase Warts with Ease:

- Say farewell to bothersome warts as Anagallis Arvensis softens flesh for effortless removal.
- Experience the gentle touch of nature in your skincare routine.

🌿 Ruta Graveolens - Clear Your Skin of Viral Warts:

- Warts triggered by viral infections are no match for Ruta Graveolens.
- Eliminate hyperkeratotic epidermic growths and unveil your radiant skin.

💪 Sempervivum Tectorum - Soften Calluses and Dermal Hardening:

- Bid adieu to thickened calluses and dermal hardening.
- Let the power of Sempervivum Tectorum bring back the softness and smoothness to your skin.

🌟 Why Choose Adel 86 warts removal External Drops? 🌟

✅ Natural Healing: Harness the potency of natural ingredients for safe and effective wart removal.

✅ Targeted Relief: Address the root causes of warts triggered by viral infections.

✅ Gentle on Skin: Experience gentle softening and removal without harsh chemicals.

✅ Holistic Approach: Achieve not just wart removal but skin rejuvenation and vitality.

✅ Confidence Restored: Reclaim your flawless skin and newfound confidence!

Don't let warts steal your self-esteem or cause discomfort any longer! Embrace the natural healing power of Adel 86 External Drops and reveal your skin's true beauty. Say hello to a blemish-free you, with soft, smooth skin that radiates confidence!

👉 Order now and take the first step toward smooth, beautiful skin. Unveil your true self with Adel 86 External Drops! 👈

Adel 86 Verintex N external drops Indications

All forms of warts, like juvenile, plantar, senile, vulgar warts and warts surrounding nails.

German homeopathic external application drops for all types of warts such as plantar warts (hard, grainy growths that usually appear on the heels or balls, areas that feel the most pressure), senile warts (occurrence of premalignant warty lesion on sun-exposed skin of hands or face in light skinned aged persons) and warts surrounding the nails.

Adel 86 Verintex N external drops composition & benefits

Semecarpus Anacardium (Anacardium) 4x, Angallis Arvensis 4x, Ruta Graveloens 6x, Smilax (Sarsaparilla) 10x, Sempervivum Tectorum 6x, Thuja Occidentalis 12x.

Mode of action of homeopathic ingredients

  • Angallis arvensis is presented as an important component of this complex. It is recognized as a proven wart cure for external use and is known for its ability to soften flesh, whereupon the effect of all the other compound ingredients can be achieved more easily. It is possible to use the drops even on problem areas of the body and on the face without causing harm.

  • Ruta graveolens, which is also used for ointments in biological medicine, is an effective remedy for the areas concerning ligaments, tendons, and sinews, in combination with circulation problems. Here, it clears the area of the more or less hyperkeratotic epidermic wart growths, which have been triggered by a viral infection

  • Smilax (Sarsaparilla) is a known remedy against chronic skin rashes, warts and genital warts that are due to a generally poor moisture status. Its broad rande of applications within the scope of skin disorders, which include tubercular eruptions on to eczemas and further to psoriasis, also allow the substance to make a valuable contribution in a complex.

  • Semecarpus anacardium(anacardium) the homoeopathic nerve remedy, is indicated as a suitable remedy against erysipelas, herpes, and wart growth, and perhaps the viral contamination is somehow linked to a pronounce neurasthenia, or an inactive intestinal situation, which ultimaterly leads to a toxic blood overload.

  • Sempervivim tectorum is an old and proven externally applied wart remedy. Due to its power to soften thickened calluses or dermal hardening, it has also been used for ages to treat hard tumors of the tongue and indurate breast cancer and other cirrhosed hardening of the glands. At the same time it has significant healing properties as a remedy against sores

  • Thuja the polychrist has a total body effect and is probably the most popular and significantexternally applied skin remedy against warts and genital warts

Additional Information

Dosage Dab affected areas several times a day.
Size 20 ml glass bottle
Manufacturer Adelmar Pharma GmbH
Form Drops


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