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Homeopathy Kidney Stone (Renal Calculi) Medicines

Kidney stones (renal lithiasis) are small, hard deposits of mineral and acid salts developed from crystals that separate from the urine within the urinary tract. The most common type of stone contains calcium in combination with either oxalate or phosphate. They can vary in size and location. Very small stones can pass through the urinary system without causing problems. However, larger stones, when traveling from the kidney through the ureters to the bladder, can cause severe pain called colic. The pathogenetic mechanisms of kidney stone formation are complex and involve both metabolic and environmental risk factors. The pain kidney stones cause typically starts in side or back, just below your ribs, and radiates to lower abdomen and groin. Kidney stones are easy to diagnose for those with a sudden onset of pain, blood in the urine and stones that show on x-ray. Studies have shown that 15% of those with a stone develop another within a year and 33% within 5 years.

How Naturopathy remedies like Kidney Beans (Rajma), Pomegranate seeds can help you pass kidney stones quickly at home. Know more

Homeopathy Medicines that can help you quickly pass Kidney Stones at home by indications here

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Doliosis D34 Calculex for kidney stones, renal colic
German Dr. Reckweg Berberis Vulgaris Mother Tincture Q
German Berberis Vulgaris Mother Tincture Q
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German Cantharis Mother Tincture Q
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German homeopathy Pareira brava mother tincture reckeweg adell schwabe
41 results
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