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Doctor prescribed Homeopathy Hair Fall Treatment Medicines

Dr. Pranjali is a well known homeopathic doctor based in Bangalore. She is a prolific presenter on the homeopathic treatment of various diseases on Youtube 

In the following video, she talks about homeopathic medicines for Hair fall.

Watch the following hindi video titled homeopathy medicine for hair fall | hair fall homeopathic treatment to know more

Arnica Montana Q is widely used herbal and homeopathic medicine for hair growth stimulation. It rejuvenates the scalp, stimulates the hair follicles by improving the blood flow and prevent premature hair fall.

Jaborandi Q is one of the best remedies over excessive hair fall, premature graying of hair, dandruff, and over other scalp related problems. It helps in controlling hair fall by strengthening hair roots and restoring lost hair. It helps in preventing hair greying. 

Thuja Occidentalis Q is recommended to treat patients who suffer from baldness, dandruff and hair loss.

Ceanothus Americanus Q helps prevent hair loss. It is an effective remedy in controlling hair fall by strengthening hair roots. It also provides lustre to hair and makes them shiny and soft.

Cochlearia Armoracia Q is also an excellent remedy recommended for hair fall. It also helps in treating dandruff. It also prevents drying of the scalp and strengthens hair roots. 

Dosage: Mix all the above 5 medicines in an equal quantity in an empty bottle. Add 5-10 drops (for Males) 15-20 drops for females of the mixture with coconut or mustard or olive oil and apply on scalp and massage.

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Homeomart Jaborandi Mother Tincture Q
Jaborandi Homeopathy Mother Tincture Q
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Hair fall Treatment herbal Mother Tincture Mixture, topical hairloss formula
Ceanothus Americanus Homeopathy Mother Tincture Q
Schwabe Cochlearia Armoracia Homeopathy Mother Tincture Q
Similia Arnica Hair Oil for premature graying and hairfall
Similia Brahmi With Gold Tonic for weak memory
Bakson Hair Aid Drops Twin pack hair tonic hecks dandruff, premature greying of hair and split ends
Blooume 4 Biohair drops for Hairfall, Acid Phos, Wiesbaden, Lycopodium
Bhargava Follicin Hair loss homeopathy Drops, Wiesbaden, Jaborandi, acid phos  lycopodium
Schwabe Zauberol hair oil for alopecia hairloss premature hair fall
German Jaborandi Mother Tincture Q
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German Thuja Occidentalis Mother Tincture Q
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homeopathic medicines for hair loss in females, males
SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil for strengthening hair roots & reduces hairfall
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