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Homeopathy Breast Disease Treatment Medicines

Homeopathic remedies can be of great help in curing Fibroadenoma of the breast and in many cases surgery can also be avoided. Homeopathic medicines dissolve the tumours in the breast and secondly help  reduce the body’s tendency to form such abnormal tumour growths by raising immunity. The selection of Homeopathic medicines varies for every individual. Well selected Homoeopathic remedies are effective for breast lump and cure the condition without further complications.

BRYONIA ALBA: Bryonia alba is indicated when breast lump with stitching pain is present . The breast is hard and painful. Pain in breast at menstrual period. The breast pain aggravates during movement.

CALCAREA CARB.: An excellent remedy for breast lump .Breasts are hot and swollen. Chronic cystic mastitis.Blunt duct adenosis; best remedy for fibroadenoma

CALCAREA FLOUR: Calcarea flour. is another top remedy for lump in breast. Lump in the breast which is hard, movable with clear margins which are sharp in nature, or their edges are sharply defined. Best Homeopathic medicine for treating Fibroadenoma of the breast where the nodes are as hard as a stone

CONIUM MACULATUM: Conium maculatum is one of the top remedies for breast lump. Here the mammary glands are hard and sore. Gives  excellent results  for tumors in mammary glands and for nodes in the breast with pain in the breast before and during menstruation or periods

HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS: Hydrastis is prescribed to those patients who have the tendency to indurated glands. Swelling of the mammary glands.

LAPIS ALBUS: The main action of this remedy is on the glands of mammary region. These glands have the tendency to turn malignant.

PHYTOLACCA DEC: Phytolacca is another remedy effective for lump in breast. Mammae hard an very sensitive. Tumors of the breast with enlargement of axillary glands

SCROPHULARIA NODOSA: Scrophularia has specific affinity for the breast. It is very useful in the dissipation of breast tumours. Extremely powerful Homeopathic medicine to dissolve and get rid of breast tumors. This Homeopathic medicine is absolutely safe with no side effects.

GRAPHITES: Homeopathic treatment for Fibroadenoma of breast caused by scars and Abscess

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