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Allen A79 Homeopathy Drops, Hopelessness, Fears & Insomnia

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Size Option: 30ml

Homeopathy Allen A79 Drops

Allen A79 Depression drops are indicated for hopelessness, low mood, reduced energy, appetite disturbance, loss of libido, Insomnia, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, unusual fears, Pessimism, and Ideas of worthlessness.

Depression is a mental health disorder characterized by persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and a loss of interest or pleasure in activities. It affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves, and can significantly interfere with their daily functioning and quality of life. Here are some important points about depression:

  1. Symptoms: The symptoms of depression can vary among individuals but commonly include:

    • Persistent feelings of sadness, emptiness, or hopelessness
    • Loss of interest or pleasure in previously enjoyed activities
    • Significant changes in appetite and weight (either increase or decrease)
    • Sleep disturbances (insomnia or excessive sleeping)
    • Fatigue or loss of energy
    • Feelings of guilt or worthlessness
    • Difficulty concentrating, making decisions, or remembering things
    • Restlessness or irritability
    • Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide
  2. Causes: Depression is a complex condition with multiple factors contributing to its development. These can include a combination of genetic, biological, environmental, and psychological factors. Certain life events, such as a traumatic experience, the loss of a loved one, or chronic stress, can also trigger or worsen depressive symptoms.

  3. Diagnosis: A diagnosis of depression is made based on a thorough evaluation by a mental health professional. They will assess the presence and severity of depressive symptoms, their duration, and their impact on daily functioning. Other medical conditions or medications that can mimic or contribute to depressive symptoms may also be considered.

It's important to note that depression is a treatable condition, and many individuals experience significant improvement with appropriate interventions. If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms of depression, it is advisable to seek professional help from a mental health provider or a healthcare professional. They can provide a comprehensive evaluation and recommend the most suitable treatment options.

Note: This is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. If you have concerns about any other health-related issues, please consult with a qualified healthcare professional.

Mode of action of individual ingredients in Allen Allen A79 Depression Drops

  1. Arsenicum album: Sadness, restlessness, irritability, anxiety, and fear. Depression on account of a hidden feeling of guilt.
  2. Graphites: Sad, fearsome, irresolute, hesitates at trifles.  Feels miserable and unhappy.
  3. Ignatia amara: Depression due to grief and worry. Melancholic. Full of contradictions. Tearful.
  4. Lycopodium clavatum: Weeps all day, cannot calm himself, is very sensitive, and even cries when thanked. Weeping aloud ameliorates.
  5. Natrum muriaticum: Ailments from grief. Psychic causes of disease; ill-effects of grief, fright, anger, etc.
  6. Nux vomica: Nervous, melancholic temperament. Suicidal, homicidal impulses from the slight offense, but lacks courage. Impossible to weep though sad.
  7. Acidum phosphoricum: Ailments from grief. Suffers in silence. Softening or a dropping down in tone on the emotional plane, leading to indifference, and apathy.
  8. Pulsatilla nigricans: Mild, timid, emotional, and tearful.
  9. Sepia: Indifference, hardness. Aversion to family, to those loved best, to sympathy, to company, yet dreads to be alone.

Side effects: No side effects of <> are known

Contra indications: No contra indications for the use of <> are known. Other products do not interfere with any other medication.

Presentation: 30ml

Additional Information:


Take 15 to 20 Drops in half a cup of water daily 4 times or as directed by the Physician.


Reduced energy, insomnia & appetite disturbance. 


Allen Homoeo & Herbals Products Ltd.Hyderabad




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