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Influenza (Flu)

Gelsemium 1x (tds)  Its use should be considered in the early stage, when chilliness and sneezing are present. Irritating, watery discharge from the nose. No thirst. Severe headache and muscle ache.    Nux vomica (tds) If given early at the onset of the disease, averts influenza. 
Baptisia Epidemic influenza.    Ocimum sanctum 3x (tds) It is an excellent remedy for influenza associated with bone pains, soreness of the body, cough, fever and acute headache. 
Carbolicum acidum 2x (tds) Cures most of the cases of influenza. Also removes debility left after the cure when used in 30 potency.   Phytolacca dec. (tds)  Influenza with sore throat and toothache.
Causticum 200 (od) High fever without chill. Great weakness. Coryza - free watery discharge, nose stopped. Soreness and bruised sensation all over the body and involuntary urination on coughing.   Picricum acidum (tds), Phosphorus (tds), Cocculus ind. (tds)  Mental weakness remaining after influenza. The patient shows his inability to do any men-tal work.
Cotyledon (tds), Baptisia (tds)  A delirium during severe influenza with sensation as if the body is separated into parts.   Pyrogenium (tds) It works wonderfully and cures the influenza when there is high temperature, sleeplessness and thick nasal discharge.
Dulcamara (tds)  Influenza during rainy season in cold weather or when the nights are cold and days are comparatively hot. Sore throat with cough.    Rhus tox. (tds)  Hard tickling cough. Great chilliness. Pain in the legs. Restlessness. Dry tongue with triangular tip and temperature. Tired, bruised sensation all over the body and soreness of chest on coughing.
Eucalyptus 3x (tds)  Influenza with fever of a relapsing character. Nose feels stuffed. Discharge thin and watery, drips even when bending the head forward.   Sabadilla (tds)  Fever with too much sneezing which shakes the whole body. Sore throat and headache.
Eupatorium perf. 3x (tds)  Influenza with white blisters on the tongue. Vomiting of bile. Bone ache. Sneezing and loose cough. Soreness of chest on coughing. Fever followed by chill.   Sacrolacticum acidum (tds) Influenza with nausea, uncontrollable vomiting and extreme weakness. 
Euphrasia (tds)  Coryza with cough and sneezing. Irritation and watering of the eyes.    Solanum lyc. (tds)  Influenza with severe aching pains all over the body. Pains left after influenza. Symptoms worse in open air. 
Influenzinum 200 (od)  It is given as a preventive for safety against this disease to those not affected by it, when influenza has come into the family. Treatment can also be started with it, it cuts short the disease.    Sulphur 200 (hs)  If by the use of the other indicated remedies, the temperature does not subside - a dose will have the desired effect.
Kalium bich. (tds) Persistent ropy discharge with sense of obstruction in the nose. Symptoms are aggravated in cold damp weather and better by warmth of bed   Thallium (tds)  Specially suitable in cases of chronic influenza with violent pains and trembling of the limbs. The temperature is low. 
Kalium iod. 6x (tds)  It is a prophylactic against colds and influenza.   Thuja occ. 200 (od)  One dose a week and Gelsemium 30 - one dose daily acts as a preventive of influenza during its epidemic.
Lycopersicum escu. (tds)  Influenza with severe aching pains all over the body. Pains left after influenza. Symptoms, worse open air.   Tuberculinum 1M (hs) Recurrent influenza with long continued teasing cough. 
Lycopodium (tds) Pains left after influenza.    Avena sativa Q  A best tonic for debility remaining after cure of the disease. Give 20 drops a dose in warm water.
Medorrhinum 200 (hs)  A good antidote for the effects of influenza.   Bryonia alba (tds)  Indigestion remaining after influenza. Intense nausea worse by motion, better from eructations and hot drinks or when the influenza is accompanied with pains in the chest. 
Natrium sal. 3x (tds) One of the best remedies for the prostrating after-effects of influenza.   Carbo veg. 200 (od)  After-effects of influenza, like debility or cough. Give a dose daily.
Natrium sulph. 6x (tds) A good remedy for influenza when it is in epidemic form. Influenza during rainy or wet season. Thick yellow discharge and salty mucus. Cough with bursting pain in the head and flow of tears. Weakness left due to flu.       
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