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Online Homeopaths

Why online doctor consultation?

A visit to the doctor in a clinic or hospital has its own set of challenges

  • Visits to the doctor clinic or hospital costs you time and money. On top of high fuel prices, traffic in congested cities, travel can be difficult for those who do not own a car or have easy access to public transportation.
  • A good doctor draws a crowd of patients, so longer wait times (often over an hour) and congested waiting rooms is usually the norm. This only adds further physical and mental stress, which can contribute to your bad health.
  • Crowded waiting rooms can also make you prone to potential healthcare-associated infections. It could be any airborne or contact related infection that you may contract in a hospital/clinic environment. Imagine a waiting room where other ill people are coughing and sneezing

Other benefits of online doctor consultation

For starters it could be more cost effective than you think. An in-person doctor visit will cost on average about Rs.1000 - Rs.1250 (India) and about $120 to $150 (in US). By comparison, speaking with an online doctor costs about Rs.750 (India) and $33 to $100 in the US.

Online consultation gives you the opportunity to speak with an actual doctor, receive a diagnosis, and get a personalized treatment plan (especially in homeopathy). If the treatment plan requires a prescription, your online doctor can prescribe you medication remotely. They will simply send the prescription to in-house pharmacy (like us) for you to get door delivered anywhere in the world

Two main aspects that anyone using an online service tend to worry about are security and the experience & knowledge of those helping them. Thankfully, with a reputed and well acknowledged site like homeomart you get online security & privacy, and online doctors who are well qualified and experienced.

All reputable online health services heavily vet their doctors. At homeomart, all of our doctors have been screened and checked and empanelled selectively. All our online doctors are also popular full time doctors offline as well. They just happen to extend their services through the internet without interrupting their own busy schedule

How does online homeopathy consultation work?

Getting a medical treatment online is as effective as you going to the doctor in person. This is endorsed by Scientific American as reported in a recent study in the Archives of Internal Medicine. Homeopathy is no different from other forms of medicines when it comes to online treatment except that you provide a detailed history of your case before talking to the doctor. 

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best homeopathic doctor online for consultation Dr. P.S. Tiwari
Dr. P.S. Tiwari D.M.S
From Rs. 750.00
Lady homeopathic doctor for online consultation Dr. Nancy Malik BHMS
Dr. Nancy Malik BHMS
From Rs. 750.00
Dr. Inkita Bhushan Thawani online homeopathy consultation
Dr. Inkita Bhushan Thawani
From Rs. 750.00
Dr.Rukmani Online Homeopathy Doctor
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