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Azadirachta indica (Neem)

Azadirachta Indica (Neem) medicinal uses as per Materia Medica

Pharmacy Azadirachta indica. Neem bark. Margosa bark. Nim. Melia azadirachta indica. Antelaea azadirachta. N.O. Meliacae, Tribe, Meliee. India and Burma. Tincture of the bark. The fresh bark is pounded to a pulp and macerated in two parts by weight of alcohol. Historical dose: Tincture and all potencies. 
Clinical  Acroparesthesia. Amnesia. Boils. Constipation. Depression. Diarrhea. Eczema. Gonorrhea. Hypochondria. Intermittent, fever. Leprosy. Leucorrhea. Malaria. Miscar-riages. Quinine, effects. Rheumatism, acute. Senile dementia. Spleen, congested. Typhoid fever. Vomiting. Worms.
Herbal  Azadirachta Indica is a large tree. The leaves, bark, wood, roots, fruits and every part of this tree, are intensely bitter. The vast range of its action is chiefly due to azaserine, margocinc and catechin, the three active principles found in this tree. This is an Indian remedy from very ancient times. The bark, known as Margosa bark, is the best-known medicinal portion. The tincture for the provings were made from the bark by Dr. P. C. Majumdar of Calcutta, India. According to Ayurveda, the different parts of this tree possess different medicinal properties. Sanskrit authors agree that Azadirachta Indica bark, though very disagreeable in taste, is generally used with success. The Neem tree is used for treatment of bacterial, viral, fungal infections and for the treatment and prevention of malaria. Its action on fevers is well-known in India, the native physicians use Neem as the principal substance in their febrifuge medicines. It is especially useful in cases previously maltreated with quinine.
In Kenya the tincture of Neem in the 2x dilution has been used as a treatment for three weeks to neutralize the malaria organism from the body. A decoction of fresh leaves is used as a favorite wash to cure old ulcers of long standing.
It removes within a short time the sloughs and promotes the healing. The fruit is purgative, demulcent and is used in some forms of skin disorders.
A kind of oil is produced from the seed of ripe fruits and this oil is said to cure leprosy, eczema and some other obstinate skin diseases. Neem is also praised by some of the allopathic physicians for its tonic, anti-septic, astringent and anti-periodic properties.
Homeopathic Azadirachta has been used in cases of lassitude, thirst, cough, fever. Loss of appetite, helminthiasis, boils, bilious derangements. Catarrh, vomiting, skin diseases, hiccough, gonorrhea. Its leaves are used in some forms of ophthalmic diseases, parasites, worms and disorders brought on by deranged bile or from the use of poisonous things.
Aza. is used in a variety of complaints, especially of the eyes, digestive derangements and skin disorders. An afternoon fever and rheumatic pains in various parts are caused by this remedy. Pain in sternum and ribs in back and shoulders and limbs.
Giddy on rising, headaches, scalp sensitive, eyes bum, pain in right eyeball. Heat, pricking and aching in hands. Loss of memory. Thirsty for large quantities of water at long intervals. Tendency to miscarriage. Copious leucorrhea.
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