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Allen Kolkata

About Allen Laboratories Kolkata 

Founder Dr. G.P Sarkar , President of Ayurvedic drug manufactuurers association of India.  He is also vice president of Federation of Homoeopathic manufacturers of India.
Location Krishnapur Road, Kolkata India
Portfolio  LM Potency Medicines, Mother Tinctures, Biochemics & Biocombinations, Homoeo Ointments, Specialty Homeopathy medicines. They also manufacture a range of skin and beauty care products and Nutritional supplements.
Popular Medicines Arnica Triofer, OlivAllen Oil, BoroAllen, Allenzyme, Allen Gripe Mixture, Brenup Tonic, Stimulas, AlfaAllen, Dysmen, Pyrex, Alseptol
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Allens Brenup  (Brain Tonic)
Allens Brenup Homeopathic Brain Tonic
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Allens ArnicaPlus with Triofer tab
Allen Arnica Montana Hair Oil - Medicated Hair Root Stimulant
Allen Gripe Mixture Homoeo Baby Care  - Freedom from Griping Pain
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Allen Fair Touch Cream for advanced fairness and complexion-Pack of 3
Allens Allenzyme Digestive, Carminative and Appetizer Tonic
Allen Stimulas drops
Allens Paintox Drops
Allens Paintox Drops
Rs. 105.00 Rs. 110.00
Allens Arnica Plus-S Anti Dandruff Scalp Cleanser
Allen Thyrol Drops for Thyroid Dysfunction
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Allen Sonny Bonny Baby Oil
Oliv Allen Body Oil
Allen Gastrin Plus Antacid Tablets
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Allen Gastrin Plus Antacid Tablets
Rs. 100.00 Rs. 110.00
Allen Alvine Restorative Nervine Tonic
BoroAllen Antiseptic cream -Pack of 3
Allen Tonokid Childrens Tonic
Allen Tonokid Childrens Tonic
From Rs. 76.00 Rs. 80.00
Allens Arnica Triofer Tablets
Allens Arnica Triofer Tablets
Rs. 95.00 Rs. 100.00
Allen Derma Plus Specially formulated cream for skin infections
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Allen Alseptol-Pack of 3 (antiseptic Gargle)
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Gastrin Syrup and Tablet Homoeopathic - Combo  for Acidity and indigestion
Paintox Gel
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Paintox Gel - Instant Pain Reliever
Rs. 108.00 Rs. 120.00
BoroAllen Prickly heat powder
Allens Baybesan Baby Tonic
Allen Coex (Cough Expectorant)
Allen Coex - Cough Expectorant
Rs. 70.00 Rs. 75.00
Ocidross pediatric cough drops|Homeomart.com
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