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Naturopathy treatment for Pyorrhea or Gum Disease

Naturopathy treatment for Pyorrhea or Gum Disease

Get Pyorrhea treatment at home with no extra cost from these naturopathy remedies recommended below 

Naturopathic medicine is a form of alternative medicine that promotes self healing by removing obstacles to recovery and allows for natural healing. This system uses natural remedies to help the body heal itself by embracing many therapies, including herbs

Naturopathy treatment for Pyorrhea or Gum Disease 

  • Chewing the young leaves of the Guava stops bleeding from the gums
  • Boil the roots and bark pieces of the guava tree In water and gargle with this concoction,
  • Eating raw guava gives great massage to the gums and teeth.
  • Mix the powder of the dried skin of a pomegranate with pepper powder and use as tooth powder.
  • Chew lettuce leaves immediately after food.
  • Consume the juice of carrot and spinach in a proportion of 125 ml. every day, which strengthens the gums.

Avoid these food for Pyorrhea - Avoid consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, chocolates, meat, etc. Avoid white pav, packaged and processed food as much as possible

Diet recommended for Pyorrhea: Fresh fruits, green salads, lemons, boiled vegetables, dry fruits, milk, whole wheal bread or rotis, roasted corn on the cob must be included in your diet. Chew the food properly. Eat raw fruits by chewing well. This strengthens the gums. Gargle after every meal.

Homeopathic remedies for Pyorrhea treatment. Know more 


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