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Wheezal WL-59 Pyorrhoea Drops: Homeopathic Solution for Gum Health

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Say No to Gum Disease, Naturally! With Wheezal WL-59 Pyorrhoea Drops, embrace the holistic essence of homeopathy to combat Pyorrhoea and restore your oral wellness. Formulated from potent, natural ingredients, WL-59 Drops not only relieve symptoms but target the root cause, ensuring healthy gums and teeth. Dive into the power of nature with Wheezal and unlock the secret to lasting oral health today!

Wheezal WL-59 Pyorrhoea Drops: Combat Gum Disease Effectively

Wheezal WL-59 Pyorrhoea Drops offer a specialized homeopathic remedy designed to tackle Pyorrhoea, a serious gum disease. This condition affects the membrane around the roots of the teeth, leading to tooth loosening, pus formation, and gum shrinkage. Leveraging the potent benefits of carefully selected homeopathic ingredients, these drops aim to alleviate symptoms and address the root causes of Pyorrhoea, promoting oral health and well-being.

WL59  is a patent homeopathy medicine formulated by Dr. Farokh J. Master (refer details below)


  • Primary: Pyorrhoea

Other Indicated Symptoms:

  • Swollen and painful gums
  • Bleeding and painful teeth
  • Gums bleeding on slightest touch

Key Ingredients and Their Actions:

  • Calc Renalis: Targets tartar build-up on teeth and alleviates soreness and pain in the gums. It is particularly effective for teeth that have loosened, making chewing difficult.
  • Emetinum: Offers anti-amoebic properties, making it a vital component in combating Pyorrhoea.
  • Hepar Sulp: Addresses pain in the gums and mouth that occur on contact, as well as bleeding. It is also useful for treating ulcers at the mouth corners and facial bone pain.
  • Phosphorus: Provides relief for bleeding gums and gum swelling. It also addresses tooth pain and continuous bleeding post-tooth extraction.
  • Thuja: Focused on treating teeth decay near the gums and sensitivity, it also helps in treating retracted gums.

Dosage for Optimal Results:

For best outcomes, use 10 to 15 drops mixed in a small amount of water before every meal, four times a day. This regimen can be adjusted as per the guidance of a healthcare provider to suit individual health needs.

Embrace a Holistic Approach to Gum Health

Wheezal WL-59 Pyorrhoea Drops embody the holistic essence of homeopathy, offering a gentle yet effective approach to managing Pyorrhoea. By addressing both symptoms and underlying causes, this remedy aids in restoring oral health, preventing tooth loss, and enhancing gum vitality. Trust in the power of nature with Wheezal's homeopathic solution to combat gum disease and safeguard your oral wellness

Dr. Farokh J. Master, a gold medalist and the first MD in homeopathy, has made significant contributions to the field with over 34 years of international teaching and practice. He has established homeopathic departments in prestigious hospitals across India and authored over 50 books translated into multiple languages. Dr. Master's clinical expertise led Wheezal to appoint him as a consultant for the formulation of 45 homeopathic drops (WL1- WL60), each verified by him to address common and complex disorders effectively.

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