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Wheezal Thuja Ointment: Your Homeopathic Treatment for Warts and Skin Tags

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Explore the natural healing properties of Thuja Q in Wheezal's Thuja Ointment and how it can restore the health of your skin.

Wheezal Thuja Ointment is a homeopathic preparation specifically designed for the treatment of warts and skin tags. This ointment leverages the therapeutic properties of Thuja, a well-known homeopathic remedy, to address these skin conditions effectively.

Benefits and Composition

The key component of Wheezal Thuja Ointment is Thuja Q, a potent homeopathic dilution derived from the Thuja plant. Thuja is revered in homeopathy for its unique ability to target and treat various skin conditions, especially warts and skin tags.

Warts and Skin Tags

Warts are small, self-limited tumors of the skin caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Skin tags, on the other hand, are soft, skin-colored growths that extend out from the surface of the skin. Both conditions are common and generally harmless but can be unsightly and occasionally bothersome.

Thuja Q

Thuja contains naturally occurring compounds that have been shown to have antiviral properties, making it an ideal choice for treating warts, which are caused by viral infections. Additionally, Thuja is believed to promote skin health by stimulating the body's immune response to target and eliminate abnormal skin growths like warts and skin tags.

Application and Presentation

For optimal results, the ointment should be applied directly to the affected area, following the directions provided by a physician. Wheezal Thuja Ointment comes in a 25gm presentation, making it convenient for regular application and easy to carry.


The ointment is produced by Wheezal Homoeo Pharma, a respected name in the field of homeopathic medicine, known for its commitment to quality and effectiveness in homeopathic treatments.

By focusing on the specific properties of Thuja Q, Wheezal Thuja Ointment offers a targeted, natural approach to managing and treating warts and skin tags, providing a gentle yet effective solution for those seeking alternative treatments for these common skin conditions.

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