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Wheezal Memorine Drops for Improving Memory with anacardium, baryta carb

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Choose Size: 30ml

Wheezal Memorine Drops is indicated for improving Memory, aids in building cognitive capacity


Benefits of Wheezal Memorine Drops

  • Assists Neurons & Neurotransmitters to improve Memory and Concentration.
  • Combat Forgetfulness.
  • Address weak retention capacity in children.


Wheezal Memorine Drops Contains

  • Anacardium Ori 3x,
  • Baryta Carb 3x,
  • Lycopodium 3x,
  • Kali Phos 3x,
  • Lac Caninum 3x,
  • Argentum Nit 3x


Mode of action of individual ingredients in Wheezal Memorine Drops

Anacardium Orientale 3x: Loss or weak memory after small pox and chicken pox. The patient is depressed and irritable. 

Baryta Carb 3x: Loss of memory, mental weakness. Irresolute. Low confidence in himself. 

Lycopodium 3x: Weakness of memory. Suitable for old people.

Kali phos 3x: Mental breakdown after enormous mental exertion with nervousness and over-sensitivity.

Lac can 3x: Very forgetful; in writing, makes mistakes. Despondent;

Argenticum Nit 3x: Fearful and nervous, Memory weak. Errors of perception.


Dosage of Wheezal Memorine Drops: 15 - 20 drops diluted in half teaspoonful of water 3 - 5 times daily or as prescribed by the physician.


Presentation: 30ml

Symptoms Weak Memory, Poor cognitive abilities
Manufacturer Wheezal Homoeo Pharma
Form Drops
Dosage 15 - 20 drops diluted in half teaspoonful of water 3 - 5 times daily or as prescribed by the physician.


Safety Information:

  • Read the product label on carton carefully before consuming or use
  • Follow dosage guidelines, do not take more than the recommended dose
  • Keep medicine out of the reach of children
  • Store in a cool and dry place. Product should be protected from direct light
  • Avoid any strong smell in the mouth such as coffee, onion, asafotedia (hing), mint, camphor, garlic etc while taking the medicine
  • It is recommended to keep an hour gap between food/drink/ any other medicines including allopathic medicine

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