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Wheezal's Alfa Drink for Summer Fatigue with Alfalfa, Brahmi, Nat Mur

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Size Option: 750ml

🌿 Revitalize Your Mind & Body with Wheezal Alfalfa Drink! 🌿

Discover the perfect blend of nature's finest ingredients in Wheezal's Alfalfa Drink, infused with the power of Brahmi. Dive deep into rejuvenation and experience:

✨ Alfalfa Q (0.05ml) - Known as the "Father of all Foods", Alfalfa is a powerhouse of nutrients that revitalizes and energizes your body.

🧠 Brahmi Q (0.05ml) - A legendary herb celebrated for its cognitive enhancing properties. Say goodbye to mental fatigue and embrace clarity and focus.

🌊 Natrum Muriaticum 3x (0.1 Gm) - A harmonizing ingredient that balances and uplifts your inner vitality.

🍃 Only 1.4% Alcohol v/v - Ensuring a gentle and effective preservation of the formula.

Whether you're facing the challenges of a demanding day or simply seeking a natural boost, Wheezal Alfalfa Drink is your go-to elixir for holistic wellness. Embrace the synergy of Alfalfa and Brahmi, and let your mind and body soar to new heights! 🌱🌟

Additional information -  Wheezal Alfalfa Drink

Wheezal Alfa Drink is a delicious homeopathic drink with therapeutic values. It contains Alfalfa with Brahmi which is excellent for general and mental fatigue, it also alleviates disorders of malnutrition

Alfa drink is a delicious homeopathic drink with therapeutic values. Alfalfa wit Brahmi  is excellent for general and mental fatigue. Iit also alleviates disorders of malnutrition and corrects tissue waste and increases quantity and quality  of milk in nursing mothers. While  alcoholic extract of Brahmi alkaloid Brahmine being a cardiac tonic tonesup  heart.

In summer it is ideal for  quenching thirst while Nat Mur guards against heat  stroke. This recipe may be added a sugar syrup in cold drinks, milk shake, lassi, ice cream, Icel ball or pudding according to ones taste

Contents: Each 5 ml contains 

  1. Alfalfa Q 0.05ml
  2. Brahmi Q 0.05ml
  3. Natrum Muriaticum 3x 0.1 Gm
  4. Alcohol 1.4% v/v

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