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Vashisht Antimonium crudum for lumps, corns & warts

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Vashisht Antimonium crudum is a quick-absorbing gel free from any artificial perfume or additives.

  • Head.--Aching, worse in vertex, on ascending, from bathing, from the disordered stomach, especially from eating candy or drinking acid wines. Suppressed eruptions. Heaviness in the forehead with vertigo; nausea, and nosebleed. Headache with great loss of hair.
  • Eyes.--Dull, sunken, red, itch, inflamed, agglutinated. Canthi is raw and fissured. Chronic blepharitis. Pustules on cornea and lids.
  • Ears.--Redness; swelling; pain in the eustachian tube. Ringing and deafness. Moist eruption around the ear.
  • Nose.--Nostrils chapped and covered with crusts. Eczema of nostrils, sore, cracked, and scurfy.
  • Face.--Pimples, pustules, and boils on face. Yellow crusted eruption on cheeks and chin. Sallow and haggard.
  • Back.--Itching and pain of neck and back.
  • Extremities.--Twitching of muscles. Jerks in arms. Arthritic pain in fingers. Nails brittle; grow out of shape. Horny warts on hands and soles. Weakness and shaking of hands in writing followed by offensive flatulence. Feet very tender; covered with large horny places. Inflamed corns. Pain in heels.
  • Skin.--Eczema with gastric derangements. Pimples, vesicles, and pustules. Sensitive to cold bathing. Thick, hard, honey-colored scabs. Urticaria; measle-like eruption. Itching when warm in bed. Dry skin. Warts (Thuja; Sabina; Caust). Dry gangrene. Scaly, pustular eruption with burning and itching, worse at night.
  • Sleep.--Continual drowsiness in old people.
  • Fever.--Chilly even in a warm room. Intermittent with disgust, nausea, vomiting, eructations, coated tongue, diarrhœa. Hot sweat.
  • Relationship.--Compare: Antimonium Chloridum. Butter of Antimony (A remedy for cancer. Mucous membranes destroyed. Abrasions. Skin cold and clammy. Great prostration of strength. Dose-third trituration).

.Direction For Use:

  • Apply Vashisht Arnica Gel externally twice daily on the clean and dried affected area.

Safety Information:

  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Store in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • For external use only
  • Avoid contact with eyes
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