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German Tarentula Hispana Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M

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German Tarentula Hispanica Homeopathy Dilution

Also called as Lycosa Tarentula. Remarkable nervous phenomena; hysteria with chlorosis; chorea, dysmenorrhœa, spinal irritability. Bladder tenesmus. Constriction sensations. Formication; Extreme restlessness; must keep in constant motion even though walking aggravates. Hysterical epilepsy. Intense sexual excitement.

Dr Gopi KS says Tarentula hispana 200  is effective for anger control which often results in violence. Anger attended with great destructiveness. They have sudden alteration of moods. They lack destructive, erratic and have destructive impulses. Destroys whatever she can lay hands on, tears her clothes. Throws things away. Desire to strike herself and others.  It is also best for anger from contradictions.

Tarentula Hispanica Patient Profile

Mind.-Sudden alteration of mood. Foxy. Destructive impulses; moral relaxation. Must constantly busy herself or walk. Sensitive to music. Averse to company, but wants some one present. Ungrateful, discontented. Guided by whims.

Head.-Intense pain, as if thousands of needles were pricking into brain. Vertigo. Wants hair brushed or head rubbed.

Male.-Sexual excitement; lasciviousness reaching almost to insanity; seminal emissions.

Heart.-Palpitation; præcordial anguish, sensation as if heart twisted and turned around.

Female.-Vulva dry and hot, with much itching. Profuse menstruation, with frequent erotic spasms. Pruritus vulvæ; nymphomania. Dysmenorrhœa, with very sensitive ovaries.

Extremities.-Weakness of legs; choreic movements. Numbness of legs. Multiple sclerosis, with trembling. Twitching and jerking. Yawning with uneasiness of legs, must move them constantly. Extraordinary contractions and movements.

Modalities.-Worse, motion, contract, noise. Better, in open air, music, bright colors, rubbing affected parts. Worse, seeming others in trouble.

Relationship.-Compare: Agar; Ars; Cupr; Mag phos.

Antidotes: Lach.

Dose.-Sixth to thirtieth potency

Antidotes: Lach.

Dr. Vikas Sharma Recommends Tarentula Hispanica

  • Tarentula Hispanica are the homeopathic medicines that can be effectively used to control hyperactivity in children with ADHD.
  • Tarentula Hispanica is one of the most wonderful Homeopathic medicines for anger control and management

Dose.-Sixth to thirtieth potency

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