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Schwabe Hypericum Perforatum 1x Tablets for Nerve injuries, Hyperhidrosis, Nervousness

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Size Option: 20gm

About Hypericum Perforatum

Schwabe Hypericum Perforatum 1x Tablets is a Nerve Healer.

Hypericum is a drug delicately linked to nerve injuries, pain and subsequent effects like anxiety, depression, neuralgia, neuritis, cramps traumatic or systemic, hyperhydrosis and nervousness. The pathogenesis is rich covering infections, ulcers, pain in ear & eyes and symptoms worse by least exposure or touch or in cold.

Hypericum has a history. This European plant in the medieval period was considered to have power to repel evil. Medicinally, it was used to treat emotional and nervous complaints. Homoeopaths normally use it for nerve injuries, intense headache and pain. In late twentieth century research studies found that 67% of patients with mild to moderate depression improved with Hypericum extract. Hypericum and Hypericin are found effective in many viral infections. Scientists started working on it for HIV and AIDS but found that it is a drug for monotherapy for mild to moderate depressions (it has interactions with other antidepressants). It was also established that mode of action of Hypericum is different from that of conventional antidepression drugs which elevate brain serotonin and evoke negative feedback control of serotonergic neurons. In another study favoring the drug for mild to moderate depression it was stated that it has favorable side effect profile and lower rate of drop-outs, another study showed that it has growth inhibition and apoptosis in human malignant cells.' In another study on gene expression it was found those chronic antidepressant treatments by drug of various classes have common pathways of changes in gene expression.


Hypericum Perforatum 1x

Where to remember Schwabe's Hypericum perforatum 1X tablets?

  • Nerve injuries and traumas.
  • Tranquilizing effect in mild to moderate cases of depression.
  • Hyperhydrosis and nervousness.
  • It can be used alone or as supplement to other medicines. 
Dosage Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, 1-2 tablets of Schwabe Hypericum Perforatum 1x Tablets thrice daily. Children should be given one tablet thrice daily. If complaints are not relieved, consult a specialist.
Side effects No side effects of Hypericum perforatum 1X are known.
Contra-indications It has serious interactions with other antidepression drugs.
Interactions No interactions between Hypericum perforatum 1X and other products are known.
Manufacturer Dr.Willmar Schwabe india Pvt.Ltd
Form Tablet, Bottle of 20gm.

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