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Schwabe Ruck-Pain Drops for Spondylitis, Back Pain

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About Schwabe Ruck-Pain Drops for Spondylitis & Back Pain

Schwabe Ruck-Pain Drops for Spondylitis & Back Pain is a unique 100% natural and safe homeopathic combination for various joint and muscle-related pains. It eases nerve pain due to injury.

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Indications of Schwabe Ruck-Pain Drops

  • Cervical spondylitis, lumbar spondylitis, spondyloarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, spondylosis.
  • Fast relief from all muscular pains
  • Sprain, strains, Lumbago, pain due to sciatica
  • Stiffness of joints
  • Inflammatory conditions affecting joints and burning pains.
  • Comforts tearing pain in tendons and ligaments
Ingredients in Willmar Schwabe India Ruck-Pain Drops
  • Acetanilidum 2x
  • Arnica montana 3x
  • Causticum 3X
  • Eschscholtzia californica 2x
  • Hypericum perforatum 3x
  • Lachnanthes tinctoria 5x
  • Rhus toxicodendron 3x
  • Ruta graveolens 3x
  • Symphytum officinalis 6x

Action of homeopathic ingredients in Ruck Pain for Stiff neck, Spondylitis, Back Pain

Lachnanthes 30  is the top homeopathic medicines for cervical spondylosis when the neck pain is due to rheumatism of neck . The neck is drawn more towards one side and there is marked stiffness in the neck.Chilliness  between the shoulder blades. Sensation between the shoulder blades as if wet with cold perspiration.

Acetanilidum: It is used in lower potency to relieve neuralgic pain. It has been reported to be useful in acute articular rheumatism and lumbago.

Arnica montana: It is especially suited to cases when any injury, however remote, seems to have caused the present trouble. Rheumatism of muscular and tendinous tissue, especially of back and shoulders. It is known as a muscular tonic. Weakness of the muscles of the neck. Pains, as from a bruise, and of dislocation in the back.

Causticum: Stiffness between shoulders. Dull pain in nape of neck. Pain, as from a bruise in the nape of the neck. Pulling and acute drawing pains in the shoulder-blades. Restlessness at night, with tearing pains in joints and bones, and faint-like sinking of strength. Pains are worse from dry and cold winds, in clear fine weather and better in damp, wet weather and warmth of bed.

Eschscholtzia californica: It is used to relieve pain and acts as tranquilizer. It is mildly antispasmodic, sedative and analgesic. Studies have observed its anxiolytic actions.

Hypericum perfoliatum: It is one of the leading remedies for neuralgic pain. Darting pain in shoulders. Lancinating pain in upper and lower limbs. Neuritis, with tingling, burning pain, numbness and flossy skin. Traumatic neuralgia and neuritis. Cervical vertebrae very sensitive to touch. Backache after delivery. It is indicated in consequences of spinal concussion.

Lachnanthes tinctoria: Pain and stiffness in back and neck. Pain in nape, as if dislocated. A remedy for torticollis, rheumatic symptoms about neck. Right side of neck stiff, head drawn to right. Pain in neck on bending head backward.

Rhus toxicodendron: Indicated for tearing pains in tendons and ligaments with irresistible desire to move or change the position, followed by relief for a short time; when they move again the same relief follows, which is for a short time. Symptoms are worse from exertion, after fatigue, from getting wet and cold.

Ruta graveolens: Spine and limbs feel bruised. Pain and stiffness in wrists and hands. Sciatica; worse, lying down at night; pain from back down hips and thighs. Pain in lumbar vertebrae as if bruised. Backache better by lying on back.

Symphytum officinale: It is considered as the orthopedic specific remedy which helps in reunion of fractured bone. Pain in back from a fall. Neuralgia of knee. It is indicated in caries of spinal and other bones.

Uses of Willmar Schwabe India Ruck-Pain Drops

  • Provides relief in acute and chronic myalgia, sprains, and backache.
  • It is also useful in spondylosis.
  • Useful in joint complaints, weakness, and chronic pains in joints, muscles.
  • Relieves muscle pain and stiffness
  • Effective in bruising and minor swelling due to injury or overexertion

Dosage of Schwabe Ruck-Pain Drops 

In acute episodes of pain 10-20 drops every hour. In chronic cases, 10-20 drops 3 times daily. 

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