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SBL Sativol Nerve tonic for tiredness, fatigue, sleeplessness

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About SBL Sativol Nerve tonic 

SBL Sativol Nerve tonic is indicated as general tonic for tiredness, fatigue, sleeplessness and decreased appetite.

Nervines or trophorestoratives is a medicine that therapeutically supports the nervous system, it works on the nerves as a sedative that serves to calm ruffled nerves. It can also works as a stimulant, relaxants (sleep aid) or have a tonic and restorative effect on the central nervous system

Benefits of Nervine Tonics : It is useful for soothing muscle twitches, nervousness, anxiety, nervous twitches and discomfort, muscle pain or tightness from stress or overexertion, intestinal cramps. Takes the edge off discomfort. Soothes irritability of the nervous system and stimulates its repair.

SBL Sativol Nerve tonic composition

  • Avena Sativa
  • Gentiana Lutea
  • Guarana
  • Acidum Phosphoricum
  • Aurum muriaticum
  • Helonias Dioica

Acid Phos help in weakness resulting from loss of seminal fluids. It is considered the most effective Homeopathic medicines for weakness, exhaustion and debility from involuntary semen discharge while urinating, while passing stool or during sleep.

Gentiana lutea acts as a tonic , increasing appetite.

Helonias Dioica is helpful in diabetic neuropathy with symptoms of numbness and pin prics with burning pain in hands and legs

Gentiana for coldness in body parts 

SBL Sativol Nerve tonic Dosage: 5ml three times a day, or as prescribed by the physician.

SBL Sativol Nerve tonic Price: Rs.65 for 100ml Get 10% off

Side effects: No known contra-indication of SBL Sativol Nerve tonic.

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