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Savi Boro Cool Aloe vera and Calendula - Cool and Fresh Talc

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About Boro Cool Talc

Savi Boro Cool Aloe vera and Calendula - Cool and Fresh Talc is made from the finest and purest ingredients and herbal extracts which helps to prevent prickly heat and protects your sensitive skin from Sores, Itch, Sting, Burn, Rash, Athletes Foot, etc.

Calendula speeds up healing, and prevents wounds from becoming infected and turning septic. Azadirachta ind Q has tonic, anti-septic, astringent and anti-periodic properties


  • Calendula Q,
  • Azadirachta ind Q,
  • Ledum pal Q,
  • Boric acid 1x,
  • Zinc oxide 2x,
  • Mentha pip Q in equal proportion of 0.2ml/gm each, Purified talc q.s to 100 gm.
  • Additional Information

    Symptoms Prickly heat, Rashes
    Manufacturer Savi Homoeopathic Pharmaceuticals
    Form Powder
    Application Sprinkle the powder all over your body after a bath. its cooling sensation provides immediate relief from the stinging and itching caused one to prickly beat and keeps your skin cool and fresh.
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