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Saccharum Officinale Homeopathy Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M, CM

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About Saccharum Officinale Homeopathy Dilution

Also known as Cane-sugar(SUCROSE), Saccharum Album

Saccharum Officinale indicates in opacity of Diabetes ,Hoarseness,liver,Affection of ranula, affections of Tabes mesenterica and scurvy.

Saccharum Officinale  Patient Profile

Mind : Extreme anger with irritability and does arguement often. Increased modesty of women. Fastidious, change his mood all the time; Does not talk always be silent. Low vitality person. Talk excessive sometime; peevish. Feel sick when goes to other places. Shy to talk; want of interest. Stupid person with Melancholic mood with the chilliness.

Head : Giddiness due to loss of digestion. Severe headache with fever most of the time. Headache occurs at same time every day continously. Hair grows soon.

Eyes : Eyes closed due to swelling of lids. Varicose distension of blood vessels of eyes. short sight. Sight dim. Cloudy lens in eyes.

Ears : Discharge of offensive pus from ears.

Nose : Sneezing all the time; dry stuffy nose.

Face : Always change their mood. Face pale and bloated. Twitching of muscles of right side of the face over malar bone.

Mouth : Dulness of teeth. A whitish coat on tongue, so thick as to cause stiffness of tongue. Cracks on the tongue. Inflammation of salivary glands of lining membrane of mouth. Bubble on the tongue of children.

Throat : Sore that develops in the lining of throat.

Stomach : Decrease appetite rise of temperature. Nausea early in the morning. Violent Vomiting. Vomiting of white particles. Vomit occurs periodically. Vomiting of blood, acid, making teeth dull occasional, with the chill stage. Stomach Swollen. Stomach overloaded with sour mucus.

Disordered stomach. Digestion: impaired; weak, with acidity. Burning at pit of stomach.

Abdomen : Liver: swollen and painful. Bile secretion increased. Spleen swollen. Pain in liver and spleenic region.

Stool and Anus : Congested and pain due to haemorrhoids. Itching at the anal region. Watery stool and debilitating; of mucus and blood. Constipation alternating with mucous diarrhoea.

Urinary Organs : Sharp and burning pain from kidney radiate to shoulders, and it pass upto scapulae. Severe pains in kidneys. Increased

urination; with strong odour; and white sedimentation.

Male Sexual Organs : Extreme swelling of scrotum especially at right genitals. Increased sexual desire in male. Frequent involuntary emission of semen.

Female Sexual Organs : Menses diminished. Menstrual blood pale due to Suppressed leucorrhoea.

Fever : Chilliness from 10 a.m. at morning till evening with melancholic mood. Chill commencing in small part of back, spreading up and down rapidly; severe headache and occasionally vomit occurs with fever, followed by headache, and hectic flush in cheeks; Decreased sweat all over except when weakened by repeated attacks; before and during the paroxysm burning in stomach and back was simply intolerable; Diminished thirst. Chilliness alternates with perspiration. Cold in the head. Intermittent fever occurs periodically. Chill followed by profuse sweat. Sweat on head

Dosage : Please note that the dosage of single homoeopathic medicine varies from drug to drug depending upon the condition, age sensitivity and other things, In some cases they are give as regular doses as 3-5 drops 2-3 times a day whereas in other cases they are given only once in a week, month or even in a long period. We strongly recommend that the medication should be taken as per the physician’s advice

Saccharum Officinale as per Boericke Materia Medica

According to the great Dr. Hering, a large proportion of chronic diseases of women and children are developed by using too much sugar. Sugar is an antiseptic. Combats infection and putrefaction; has a solvent action on fibrin and stimulates secretion by the intense osmotic changes induced, thus rinsing out the wound with serum from within outward, favoring healing. Leg ulcers.

Sugar must be considered a sustainer and developer of the musculature of the heart and hence useful in failure of compensation and a variety of cardio-vascular troubles. Acts as a nutrient and tonic, in wasting disorders, anćmia, neurasthenia, etc, increasing weight and power.

Opacity of cornea. Dim sight. Acidity and anal itching. Cold expectoration. Myocardial degeneration.

Fat, bloated, large-limbed children, who are cross, peevish, whining; capricious; want dainty things, tidbits, and refuse substantial food. Śdema of feet. Headache every seven days

Relationship-Compare: Saccharum lactis-Sugar of milk-lactose--(diuresis; amblyopia; cold pains, as if produced by fine, icy cold needle with tingling, as if frost bitten; great physical exhaustion. Sugar of milk in large doses to develop the Bacillus acidophilus to correct putrefactive intestinal conditions and also constipation).

Dose-Thirtieth potency and higher. Locally in gangrene. One ounce of lump sugar morning and evening valuable adjunct in the treatment of obstinate cases of heart failure due to deficient heart muscle without valvular lesion. Epilepsy; blood with reduced sugar content irritates the nervous system with tending to convulsions.

Sugar as an oxytocic has its most suitable application towards the end of labor when there is no mechanical obstruction and delay is due to uterine inertia. 25 grammes dissolved in water, several times every half hour.

Compare: Saccharin (hinders both the salivary and peptic ferment actions with consequent dyspepsia. Prof. Lewin believes its action to be on the secretory cells themselves and it has caused pain (right hypogastrium), loss of appetite, diarrhśa and wasting).

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