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REPL Dr. Advice No. 20 (BURNS) - Effective Homeopathic Relief for Burns & Scalds

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Accelerate natural Healing with REPL Dr. Advice No. 20 for Burns and Scalds

REPL Dr. Advice No. 20 (BURNS) is a homeopathic remedy specifically formulated to address various symptoms associated with burns and scalds. This remedy is indicated for conditions where the skin experiences burns confined to its surface, presenting symptoms like burning, stinging rawness, and smarting, which are typically relieved by the application of cold.

REPL 20 Mode of Action of Ingredients

  1. Arnica Montana Q: Known for its effectiveness in treating hot, hard, and shiny swelling of affected parts, often accompanied by yellowish discoloration. It's commonly used in homeopathy for injuries and bruising.
  1. Cantharis Q: Highly regarded in homeopathy for its role in alleviating burning pain, especially when the affected area is touched. It's specifically beneficial in the treatment of burns.
  1. Hamamelis Virginiana Q: Used for conditions involving bruised soreness and purpura (a condition where purple-colored spots are formed on the skin due to bleeding underneath). It's known for its efficacy in treating burns and helping with the overall healing process.
  1. Urtica Urens Q: Recognized for its intense burning effect on the skin. It is particularly effective in treating burns and scalds, and can also be used for first-aid in minor burns.
  1. Causticum 6x: Beneficial for burns or scalds, especially when there's a suppressed skin eruption. It helps in healing and reducing the pain associated with burns.

REPL 20  Dosage Instructions

- Children: 7-8 drops with water at an interval of half an hour for new patients. In chronic cases, 5-6 times daily.

- Adults: 10-15 drops with water at half-hour intervals for new patients. In chronic conditions, 5-6 times daily.

- Guidance: Use as directed by a physician.

This remedy is designed to offer relief from the acute discomfort of burns while supporting the natural healing process. As with any medical treatment, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional before using this product, especially in the case of serious burns or if symptoms persist.

आग या गरम पानी से जल जाना या झुलस जाना, आग से जलने के पुराने घाव सूख कर दर्द बना रहना, सुई चुभने जैसा दर्द. ठण्ड से आराम, आग से किसी भी तहर जल जाने पर आन्तरिक प्रयोग शीघ्र आराम देती है।


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