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Pix Liquida Homeopathy Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M

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Pix Liquida: Homeopathic Medicine Overview

Source:  Pix Liquida, also known as Pine Tar, is derived from the tar of various species of Pine trees. It is obtained through the dry distillation of the wood of these trees.

Also Known As: In homeopathy, it is commonly referred to as Pix Liquida. The substance is well-known for its traditional uses and has been incorporated into homeopathic practices due to its unique properties. Also available in German make

Clinical Indications:

Pix Liquida is primarily indicated for skin conditions. Its main applications include:

- Eczema, especially with thick, oozing discharges.

- Psoriasis, characterized by scaly and itchy skin patches.

- Severe itching, often worsened at night or by warmth.

- Respiratory conditions with difficulty in expectoration.

Health Benefits:

The therapeutic benefits of Pix Liquida are largely focused on skin and respiratory issues:

- Provides relief from intense itching and discomfort in skin ailments.

- Helps in reducing inflammation and scaling in skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis.

- Aids in the loosening and removal of respiratory secretions in bronchial conditions.

Materia Medica Information:

In homeopathy's materia medica, Pix Liquida is described as a remedy with a profound action on the skin and mucous membranes. It is known for its effectiveness in treating skin eruptions that are moist, fissured, or where there is an oozing of a sticky, tar-like substance. Its action on the respiratory system is noted in cases of bronchitis with hard, mucous cough.

Side Effects:

While homeopathic remedies are generally considered safe, Pix Liquida, like any other remedy, can cause side effects if not used correctly. Overdosing or inappropriate use may lead to aggravation of symptoms. Always consult with a qualified homeopath for the right dosage and treatment duration.

Pix Liquida as per Boericke Materia Medica

Tar and its constituents act on various mucous membranes.

Its skin symptoms most important. A great cough medicine. Bronchial irritation after influenza (Kreosot; Kali bich). Scaly eruptions. Much itching. Constant vomiting of blackish fluid, with pain in stomach. Alopecia (Fluor ac).

Chest.--Pain at a spot about the third left costal cartilage where it joins the rib. Rales through the lungs, and muco-purulent sputum; offensive odor and taste. Chronic bronchitis.

Skin.--Cracked; itches intolerably; bleeds on scratching. Eruptions on back of hands.

Relationship.--Compare its constituents: Kreosol; Petrol; Pinus; Eupion; Terebinth; Carbolic acid.

Dose.--First to sixth potency.

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