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German Natrum Sulphuricum Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M

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About Natrum Sulphuricum (Sodium Chloride)

Nat sulph helps excrete excessive water from the human system. Also known as Sulphate of Sodium-Glauber's Salt

This is a liver remedy for the so called hydrogenoid constitution especially for the issues due to living in damps houses and conditions. It worsens mostly in the rainy weather. It feels a change from dry to wet and cannot eat the plants growing near the water nor fish. It has been recognized as a valuable remedy for head symptoms, spinal meningitis, return of skin infections, gout and likeliness for warts.

Check Natrum Sulphuricum in Biochemic tablets in 3x, 6x, 12x, 200x

What doctors recommend Natrum Sulph for?

Dr Vikas Sharma recommends

  • Natrum Sulph is a constitutional Homeopathic Medicine to treat Asthma in children. Eradicates the chronic tendency of asthma in children. A child needing Natrum Sulph has a cough, dyspnea, and rattling of mucus in the chest. An expulsion of green colored mucus may be noted. Asthma triggered by cold and exertion and asthma that worsens in damp weather are the indicative symptoms
  • Natrum Sulphuricum alongwith Dulcamara for Asthma Triggered in damp Weather. Chest congestion is present due to breathing tiny moulds.
  • Homeopathic medicine Natrum Sulph is the top remedy for Asthma attacks following exposure to cold or in damp weather. Ideal remedy when the person experiences difficulty in breathing, accompanying symptoms are chest tightness and pain on coughing. Even the rattling of mucus in chest is noticed with a thick discharge of mostly green mucus

Dr K S Gopi reccommends

  • NatrumSulph is one of the most important natural homeopathic medicine for treating chronic asthma. It is very useful when asthma is hereditary and for asthma in children. Often, asthma that gets aggravated in humid weather and dampness, requires this homeopathic medicine NatrumSulph. Wheezing is very important symptom for Homeopathic remedy NatrumSulph to be used
  • Natrum sulph 200 is another best remedy for major depressive disorder with suicidal impulses , has to use self control to prevent shooting himself. Natrum sulph patients are sensitive and suspicious. Great depression, worse music, or subdued light, sitting near a stained glass window.

 German  Natrum Sulphuricum is now available in Biochemic tablets from Schwabe Germany (WSG) and Reckeweg 

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