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Bhargava Minims No 3 Arnin for Rheumatic Pain

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Discover the Power of Minims No 3 Arnin: Nature's Answer to Joint & Bone Pain

🌿 Nature's Potent Blend: Dive into the therapeutic world of Kalmia Latifolia, Asafoetida, Terebinthinae Oleum, Ledum palustre, and Acidum sulphuricum. Each ingredient, carefully selected and blended, offers unique benefits to combat pain and discomfort.

🦴 Rheumatic Relief: Kalmia Latifolia 3X is renowned for its ability to alleviate rheumatic pain and stiffness. Move freely and embrace each day without the shadow of pain.

🤲 Soothe Swelling: With the power of Asafoetida 2X, experience a noticeable reduction in painful swelling in bones and joints. It's time to regain your natural mobility.

👣 Gout's Natural Enemy: Terebinthinae Oleum 3X and Ledum palustre 2X work in synergy to target the pain associated with gout, especially in the great toe and smaller finger joints. Step forward with confidence.

🔍 Balance Uric Acid Levels: Acidum sulphuricum 6X is known for its ability to help regulate uric acid levels, addressing the root cause of gout and ensuring long-term relief.

🌱 Holistic Approach to Pain Relief: Minims No 3 Arnin combines the best of nature to offer a comprehensive solution to bone and joint discomfort. Why rely on one ingredient when you can have the best of many?

Choose Minims No 3 Arnin. Embrace a life where pain doesn't hold you back.

Medical Bulletin - Bhargava Minims No 3 Arnin 

Clinical Indication:

Rheumatic pain, stiffness & painful swelling in bones & joints. Gout with increased uric acid with pain in great toe and smaller joints of fingers.

Bhargava Minims No 3 Arnin for Rheumatic Pain Composition:

  • Kalmia Latifolia 3X
  • Asafoetida 2X
  • Terebinthinae
  • Oleum 3X
  • Ledum palustre 2X
  •  Acidum sulphuricum 6X

Minims no 3 is used for rheumatic pain, stiffness and painful swelling in bones and joints,arthritis.

Dosage Dosage
Manufacturer Bhargava Phytolab Pvt.Ltd
Form Drops


संकेत:हड्डियों और जोड़ों में आमवाती दर्द, कड़ापन और कष्ट दायी सूजन। घुटनों में तथा दूसरे जोड़ो में दर्द एवं सूजन । हाथ-पैरों में छनछनाहट तथा सुन्नपन । यूरिक एसिड बढ़ने की वजह से होने वाला गठिया तथा अगूठें एवं अंगुलियों के छोटे जोड़ों में होने वाला दर्द।

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