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Bhargava Minims No 2 Antigrin for one sided Headache, Nausea

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Experience Relief with Minims No 2 Antigrin

🌿 Natural Ingredients, Powerful Relief: Harness the power of nature with a unique blend of Cimicifuga racemosa, Iris versicolor, and Sanguinaria canadensis, all in a potent 3X formulation.

🤕 Targeted Headache Relief: Specifically formulated to combat the debilitating symptoms of migraine, throbbing, and congestive headaches. Say goodbye to the pain and embrace clarity.

🌀 No More Nausea & Giddiness: Our expert blend not only targets pain but also the accompanying symptoms of nausea and giddiness, ensuring you feel your best.

👁️ Soothe Burning Eyes: Experience relief from the discomfort of burning eyes, a common symptom that can now be a thing of the past.

🌱 Trust in Nature's Best: With ingredients sourced from nature, Minims No 2 Antigrin offers a holistic approach to headache relief.

Choose Minims No 2 Antigrin. Choose a life free from migraine pain.

Medical Bulletin - Minims No 2 Antigrin 

Bhargava Minims No 2 Antigrin homeopathy drops is indicated for for one sided Headache, Nausea

Homeopathic liquid oral drops for acute headache

Minims no 2 is used for migraine, throbbing and congestive headache, with nausea, giddiness and burning pain in eyes.

Minims No 2 Antigrin indication : Migraine one sided headache. Headache with or with out nausea, vomiting, irritation from light and noise. Sun headache. Neuralgic pain in head.

Minims No 2 Antigrin ingredients

  • Cimicifuga racemosa 3X
  • Iris versicolor 3X
  • Sanguinaria
  • canadensis 3X

Minims are liquid oral drops prepared from a blend of highly effective plant extracts, potentised and formulated in the purest form of alcohol, E. N. A. Each minim comprises of a unique preparation to treat the ailments of the body

Dosage Dosage
Symptoms Migraine, Headache
Manufacturer Bhargava Phytolab Pvt.Ltd
Form Drops


संकेत:माइग्रेन या अर्धकपाली। नाड़ी का तेज चलना और रक्तसंलयी सिरदर्द । उबकाई, चक्कर आना, आँखों में जलन जैसा दर्द, जो कि तेज रोानी तथा भोर से बढ़ता है। सिर में न्यूरालजिक दर्द। सूर्य की तेज धूप की वजह से होने वाला सिरदर्द |


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