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Medisynth Pilen Cream: Homeopathic Treatment for Hemorrhoids & Fissures

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How Pilen Cream Tackles Piles and Fissures

Medisynth Pilen Cream is a highly effective homeopathic remedy specifically formulated for treating various types of hemorrhoids, including internal, external, painful, or bleeding types. It combines the potent anti-hemorrhagic properties of Aesculus Hippocastanum and Hamamelis Virginiana, targeting engorged anorectal veins, and is enhanced by the tissue-elasticity restoring benefits of Calcarea Fluorica. This cream is designed to alleviate the pain and bleeding associated with hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Dual Action Ingredients: Aesculus Hippocastanum for painful piles and Hamamelis Virginiana for bleeding piles.
  • Comprehensive Treatment: Effective for all hemorrhoid types - internal, external, blind, painful, or bleeding.
  • Enhanced Tissue Elasticity: Contains Calcarea Fluorica to restore tissue elasticity.
  • Pain Relief and Regularity: Offers relief from pain and assists in regular bowel movement.

Understanding Hemorrhoids and Fissures Hemorrhoids are dilated veins in the anorectum, resulting from factors like chronic constipation, diet, routine changes, stress, and hereditary tendencies. Pilen Cream addresses these issues by providing relief from symptoms and aiding in the overall treatment of piles and fissures.

Homeopathy: A Gentle Alternative to Surgery Contrary to the belief that hemorrhoids can only be treated surgically, homeopathic treatment, especially in the early stages, has proven to be highly effective. Medisynth Pilen Cream provides immediate relief from discomfort and works continuously to reduce pain and bleeding, offering a safe and convenient alternative to more invasive treatments.

Usage Instructions

  • Form: Cream.
  • Application: Apply externally twice daily to a clean and dried affected area.

Manufactured by Medisynth Ch. Pvt. Ltd Trust in the expertise of Medisynth Ch. Pvt. Ltd, renowned for their quality homeopathic products. Pilen Cream is a testament to their commitment to providing safe and effective health solutions.

Choose Medisynth Pilen Cream for Natural and Effective Relief With Medisynth Pilen Cream, experience a natural, homeopathic approach to managing piles and fissures. This cream is designed for those seeking a gentle yet effective treatment, free from the risks of surgical intervention.

Tip 1: For best results take Pilen forte drops (internally). Available as combo offer

Tip 2Collection: Homeopathy Medicines for Piles, Hemorrhoids, Fissure , 

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