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Lord Spondi Rite Drops for Spondilytis

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Lords Spondi - Rite Dropsis indicated for Spondilytis.


Indications:Spondylitis- Particularly Cervical Spondylitis, Pain, Numbness, Stiffness and Stretching Sensation in the Nape And Back, Radiating to Arms, Fingers And Loins, Neuralgia, Cramps, Jerking, Twitching and Shortening Of Muscles, Pain Between Shoulders, Vertigo and Headache, Pressure Over Sacrum, Spinal Concussion and Pain In Coccyx Radiating up the Spine. Also very effective in Cervical Spondylosis.


Lords Homeopathic Laboratoriesis in pursuit of this endevour initiated by Dr. Samuel and carries the motto a life line to better family health care. It tries to achieve this by perfecting the process at every stage, ensuring pure herbs, ENA and pure water in a dust free environment.


CausesOf Cervical Spondylitis

  • Wrong Postures, Specially During Sleeping.
  • Heavy Load Lifting Resulting In Sprains.
  • Driving For Long Hours.
  • Prolong Working On Computers
  • Excessive Use Of Mobile Phones particularly by bending the head to hold the Mobile Phone.
  • Strenuous House Hold Work.
  • Over Exercise.


Action of individual ingredients in Lord's Spondi Rite Drops Spondilytis

Colocynthis Vulgaris: Acts Well On Shooting, Cutting, Intermittent Pain In The Neck On Bending Over Or Lying On The Back. Also Relieves The Symptoms Of Vertigo And Headache Associated With Cervical Spondylitis.

Ruta Graveolens: Relieves Bone And Joint Pain, Strained Muscles And Tendons, Stinging Pains, Sharp Back Spasm Associated With Degenerative Changes As Well, Accidental Injuries, Acts Well In Deep Pains And Broused Feeling In Neck And Back.

Hypericum Perforatum: Acts On Nerve Endings Releasing Their Compression And Inflammation, indicated In Pain In Nape Of Neck Radiating To Arms To Fingers, Pressure Over Sacrum, Spinal Concussion, Coccyx Injury From Ris With Pain Radiating Up Spine.

Ledum Palustre: indicated In Painful Stiffness In Back After Sitting For Long Hours, Aggravated By Cold Weather Or Cold Water.

Cuprum Metallicum: indicated In Hyperaesthesia Of Spinal Colomn, Twitching Of Muscles Of Back Up To The Neck.

Dulcamara: indicated In Stiff Neck Specially In Damp Weather, Pain In Small Joints Of The Neck, Shooting Contractions In The Shoulders And Arms.

Conium Maculatum: indicated In Tension, Stiffness And Pain In The Nape Of The Neck As From Excoriation In The Cervical Vertebrae Or Sprains, Dorsal Pain Between Shoulders, May Or May Not Be Associated With Vertigo And Headache.



Presentation: 30 ml

Dosage Adults
Symptoms Spondylitis
Manufacturer Lords Homeopathic Lab Pvt.Ltd
Form Drops

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