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Libidplus for Stamina boost, Strength with Sterculia, Coca, Zincum Phos

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LibidPlus - Homeopathy Stamina and Strength, Vitality Booster

Libidplus is a natural Stamina booster, it improves body vitality in a non-steroidal way. Useful for those feeling physically weak, dull , a condition that frequently afflicts Gym goers, Sportsmen or athletes  who feel the need to improve stamina without a hormone or steroidal supplement. This product is suited to all such people wanting to improve their stamina naturally

This doctor recommended kit is a synergistic combination of three homeopathic remedies that will help you overcome general weakness and increase body strength & stamina.

To know more about how homeopathy boosts stamina, refer video "Stamina increase & improvement by homeopathic medicines | homeopathic energy & vitality tonic" by Dr.Pranjali here

लिबिडप्लस - होमियोपैथी स्टैमिना बूस्टर मेडिसिन के बारे में अधिक जानने के लिए , यहाँ देखें

Why do you have low stamina?

Low energy reasons vary from lifestyles to medical factors and men seems to have this more common than in women. Common symptom are  felling sleepy during the day, brain fog or difficulty concentrating  and low motivation to do daily tasks

  1. Lifestyle factors can cause low energy levels, such as sleep patterns or lack of sleep, exercise, and diet (non nutritional food consumption)
  2. Medical condition such as low testosterone , depression , anemia, thyroid disorders , diabetes and even some medications can cause this

LibidPlus contents & range of action of individual remedies

Sterculia (Kola Vera) treats general neurasthenia, it is a circulatory stimulant, promotes appetite and acts as a tonic. Homeopaths recommend this as a stamina booster. It will give you an untiring day. Dr.Pranjali says that this in particular helps your body to maintain the stamina level and cover up any deficiency. It allows your body to maintain the same energy level even if you didn’t have the food. This medicine is reputed to be highly effective Antidepressant, Relaxant. Cardio tonic, Aphrodisiac. Kola Nut contains Caffeine which increases sexual potency

Coca is considered a ancient Medicine for stamina boosting. Coca has become an intricate part of Andean culture. Before industrialization, working longs days of extremely hard labor was the norm. Coca’s consistent energy boost allowed workers to go harder and work for longer. These days, it is a favorite among miners and bus drivers for its long-lasting energy kick without the spike and crash effect of caffeine. People in south america chew coca leaves to relieve hunger and fatigue and to enhance physical performance. It is known to boost endurance in high altitude trekkers. This not only increase stamina physically but also it boosts your mental stamina which is the most required thing in modern hectic life style. Additionally it helps to keep your body and muscles relaxed, also helps you to control the breathing rate of your body

Zincum Phos 3x: This remedy is only recommended when the person is having any side effects due to Sterculia Q and Coca 3Ch. This will remove all the side effects caused. It works as an Antidote. Zincum Phos clinical range of action is vomiting, severe frontal headache. It is also indicated for erections with unusual voluptuousness and desire. 

*These medicines does not lead to any of the side effects normally but in occasional cases, it might due to the predisposition of patient

*In case If the patient feels that she/he is having some side effects then they need to take Zicum Phos3x

1) Sterculia Q - 20 drops with some water 3 times in a day

2)Coca 3ch/6ch - 2 drops 3 times in a day directly on tongue

For any side effects take - Zincum phos 3x (powder form) -Take 5gms  two times a day for 3 days. 

Note: Coca is offered in either 3C or 6C potencies subject to availability. 


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