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Kali Nitricum Homeopathy Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M

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About Kali Nitricum Homeopathic Dilution

Kali Nitricum Dilution is an effective multipurpose homeopathic tonic which is used for the treatment of several health complications including rheumatic pains, renal colic, diarrhoea, heavy menses, headache and lung infections. It is also beneficial for the treatment of bronchitis and asthma. Gastro-intestinal inflammation with weakness can also be treated using this medicine.

Helpful in cases of respiratory troubles. Aids in removing sudden swelling all over the body. Gastric troubles with much weakness are often helped by this remedy

Dr Kirti Singh recommends Kali Nitricum as a very effective medicine in chronic kidney disease (CKD). He says this medicine has two primary actions 

  1. Cardiac asthma due to weak heart. It strengthens heart
  2. Improves kisney function; increases GFR, stops kidney shrinkage, controls urea creatinine levels

Signs & Symptoms: sudden swelling in body (dropsy), reduction in urine output with burning, increased levels of urea & creatinine reading

Kali Nitricum as per Homeopathic Materia Medica

This remedy is often recommended for asthma, including cardiac asthma, and is highly effective for sudden, widespread dropsical swellings. It's also beneficial for gastro-intestinal inflammation accompanied by debility and relapses in phthisis, as well as in cases of suppurative nephritis.

Head: The scalp is extremely sensitive. Experiences headaches with vertigo, feeling as if falling to the right side or backward, worsened by stooping. General sense of weariness.

Eyes: Vision becomes unclear, with a turbid vitreous body. Sees multicolored rings before the eyes, accompanied by burning and tearing.

Nose: Frequent sneezing. Swelling sensation, more pronounced in the right nostril, with redness and itching. Potential for polyps.

Mouth: The tongue appears red with burning pimples, especially burning at the tip. The throat feels constricted and sore.

Stool: Stools are thin, watery, and bloody, containing membranous shreds and causing tenesmus. Diarrhea can occur after consuming veal.

Female: Menstrual irregularities such as early, profuse, and black menstruation, usually accompanied by severe backache. Presence of leucorrhea and burning pains in the ovaries, specifically during menstruation.

Extremities: Experiences stitching pains between the shoulders, tearing pains in shoulders and joints. Hands may appear swollen.

Respiratory: Throat hoarseness with a dry cough, particularly in the morning. Chest pain with bloody expectoration, difficulty in breathing coupled with nausea. Inability to drink water during breathless attacks, feeling chest constriction.

Modalities: Symptoms worsen in the morning and afternoon, but improve slightly when sipping water.

Dosage: Dosage varies based on the condition, age, sensitivity, and other factors. While some cases require regular doses (3-5 drops 2-3 times a day), others may need less frequent administration. It is strongly advised to follow a physician's prescription for dosage

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