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Hydrophobinum (Lyssin) Homeopathy Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M, CM

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About Hydrophobinum (Lyssin - Saliva of Rabid Dog) dilution

Also known as Lyssin 

Hydrophobinum, also known as Lyssin, is derived from the saliva of a rabid dog and is primarily used in homeopathy to address conditions affecting the nervous system and various other symptoms arising from abnormal sexual desires or reactions to specific stimuli. It has a marked action on convulsions triggered by the sight of running water or exposure to dazzling light, making it a primary remedy for cases stemming from dog or animal bites.

Key Therapeutic Actions:

  • Nervous System: It predominantly impacts the nervous system, leading to aching in bones and convulsive reactions. Its use is crucial in situations where there's an abnormal increase in sexual desire and nervous sensitivities.

  • Animal Bites: Hydrophobinum is the go-to remedy for the immediate treatment following dog or animal bites, addressing the psychological and physical aftermath of such incidents.

Symptomatology Detailed:

  • Head:

    • Lyssophobia or the fear of becoming mad.
    • Emotional distress and the receipt of bad news intensify symptoms, particularly when thinking of fluids.
    • There's a notable hypersensitivity of all senses alongside chronic headaches and boring pain in the forehead.
  • Mouth:

    • Characterized by constant spitting due to tough, viscid saliva.
    • The individual may experience a sore throat, a constant urge to swallow (which is difficult), and gagging when attempting to swallow water. Frothing at the mouth is also observed.
  • Male Reproductive System:

    • Symptoms include abnormal sexual desires, priapism with frequent emissions, lack of emission during coition, and testicular atrophy.
  • Female Reproductive System:

    • There's an increased uterine sensitivity, a heightened awareness of the womb as if it feels prolapsed, and sensitivity of the vagina, making coition painful. Uterine displacements are also addressed.
  • Respiratory System:

    • Altered voice tone, a temporary cessation of breathing, and spasmodic contraction of respiratory muscles are key respiratory symptoms managed by Hydrophobinum.
  • Digestive System:

    • The desire for stool is triggered by the sound or sight of running water. Symptoms include profuse, watery stools with abdominal pain worsening in the evening and a constant urge to urinate upon seeing running water.


Hydrophobinum (Lyssin) showcases its extensive applicability in homeopathy through its action on the nervous system, addressing the psychological and physiological effects following animal bites and other specific conditions. Its comprehensive coverage of symptoms, from the head and mouth to the reproductive and respiratory systems, underscores its significance in homeopathic therapeutics. Its usage should be carefully considered and guided by professional homeopathic standards to ensure efficacy and safety.

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